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The Contract (more…)

Tribute Part III -Moments, Memories, and Ever After

This series of entries celebrates V and thinks through lessons learned and ways I matured while in service to her. However, tracking these developments has been a challenge as most lessons were subtle while growth occurred in ways I’ve yet to process. So it’s likely I’ll return to add moments and thoughts to one or all of these posts.

In this final installment, I’ll recount a few significant moments that helped define who V is to me and serve to illustrate why I value our connection.

The Winter Visit
I got a chance to spend three days with V in the dead-of-winter with Christmas about a week away. I’d give up a considerable chunk of flesh to get that kind of time with her again. If that’s meant to be, it will be some time from the present. But, the first thing I would say is she was always the one who traveled. (more…)

Tribute Part II – Identity and Loyalty

I’ve been involved in BDSM since I was fifteen and showed submissive and masochistic tendencies long before that. I’m in my forties now. It wasn’t until about seven years ago that I began truly ‘accepting’ this is a large part of who I am. And it wasn’t until much more recently that I learned to value myself as well as take pride in my traits as a submissive. V was a large part of this lesson and my growth.

But just to be clear, I don’t believe identifying as submissive defines me as a human being. Instead – I see it as one important piece of my psyche that I’ve invested time and energy into developing because I enjoy that role in a D/s dynamic: it makes me happy. However, there was a period of my life when everything I just articulated was either alien or unknown to me. (more…)


Bow down and worship

This is a tribute to my former Dominant. If you know V, then you’ll understand all the gushing and use of superlatives. If you don’t know her or haven’t read her blog, that’s an oversight to be corrected. Regardless of my obvious bias, having been her collared boy, this neither undermines nor invalidate the praise. To the contrary, mine is informed praise.

I’ve been meaning to write a variation of this piece for a long time. In fact, I pondered doing so at least six months before V released me from her collar. While I’ve mentioned her numerous times – included snippets of private notes, conversations, and images of our time together – I’ve never written a post enumerating just how much I learned and thrived while in her service. Accomplishing this in the span of one post is nearly impossible, so there are likely to be more. Regardless, these words are long overdue.

Why am I writing this now? Why not earlier?

Why, because… (more…)

Speaking Truth to a Submissive Heart

The little moments possess the most gravity. Neither the snick of metal upon first locking a collar nor the cathartic sobbing when a boy finally breaks mean as much as the sum of all the intimacy in between. Each moment a boy submits and serves his Domme provides another sliver of insight until she knows him balls to bone – just as he will come to know her through and through. Only then will he understand without words. Only then will her truths pierce any barrier he might still possess.

Look at how he sits at her feet. Gazing up into her eyes when the first smack falls. she slaps him again. And again. No words spoken, just the sound of impact as her hand rises and falls, repeatedly – relentlessly – one slap after the next. None of them delivered with more force than what’s required to turn his head. But they keep falling. They add up. Each time his streaming eyes return to find hers, the next smack falls. His cheek red from the impact, face flush with humiliation. Yet time after time, he recovers to obediently raise his chin, knowing full well what to expect when their eyes meet next. (more…)