Not Tonight

When did I last curl up in her lap? It’s been so long, I cannot recall. Despite numbered boxcars on the calendar and the disinterested faces of clocks, a concrete memory eludes me. Time, location, and date, they’re merely three dimensions after all.

That number, it could be a trinity – secure, owned, loved.

Instead, it feels abstract.

As a probability, It should be some comfort to expect these feelings again “someday.” I should be cheered by the likelihood of laying my head on her thigh, the gentle yet possessive finger hooked through my collar. Her lips inches from my ear reminding me what I already know: “You are owned. You are loved. You are mine.”

Three phrases I have heard, all of them as sincere, concrete, and real as the walls around me. By that logic, these dimensions I can measure, pace, curse, and strike – they should be some comfort.

They are not, tonight anyway.

Sanctuary and Leather-Clad Thighs

Feeling a tad nostalgic this evening and found The Cult meandering down memory lane. I’ve always loved this song in equal proportion to all the hedonistic acts that took place while listening to it – privately, in night clubs, and two live performances. Unsurpisingly, The best memories were made behind closed doors.

Well, most of them. Because then I found this video and remembered Bike Week, 1995. It was a ‘working vacation’ for yours truly, but that never stopped me from having a good time. Bike Week was always crazy, probably still is, but 95 was the most insane trips to Daytona I ever made.


Elust 96

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Bad in the Blood

This song has always resonated with me. However, recent events have placed it top of mind. While I’m not enough of a hypocrite to become self-righteous about another person’s choice to destroy themselves, but I’m also not culpable when they finally succeed.

Not that such sentiments makes waiting for their immolation any easier, especially when the flames are obvious and imminent. It still fucking hurts no matter how calloused my soul.

The same can be said for biting words in half after thousand were ignored.

this person is blood to me, and they used to be worth a damn. Ten years ago, a drama like this would have broke my heart enough to make me act. (…I may or may not have the bail bondsman on speed dial…) And fuck if I wasn’t close to making the mistake they’re hell-bent on embracing. What a waste…

But it’s no longer tragic.

The first few episodes were a tragedy, but they’re to fucking self aware for this to be anything more than a farce. And while I’ve matured enough to not to do something stupid out of ‘spite,’ my deliberate acts of sublimation hardly feel healthy.  Sick, healthy, or nuts – the bulk of today’s working hours found me hammering away on the keys of this here board.

Apparently, that runs in the family too…