Eye to Eye

After a year of being V’s collared boy, it wasn’t until two weeks ago that I achieved my first significant moment of surrender.

It was while she was fucking me. Her face inches mine as she relentlessly violated my stinging hole. After some time, I begged her to stop. (more…)

Talk Dirty to Me

A Standing Offer for Female Readers


What if you were granted permission to use me however you pleased for the day? What if you could anything you wanted provided you didn’t break any hard limits?  What would make me do for you? What would you do to me?

Would you make me do all the piled up laundry and alphabetize of your library?

Would you whip me raw and incoherent before sodomizing me with a broom handle?

Maybe force me to play Boggle and watch the Muppet Movie in the buff?

This boy’s curious and slutty mind would love to know!

What are the rules?

There are none.


Through Her Eyes

I got to spend an evening with V, but I’m still processing all the delicious details. However, if you’d like to read V’s impressions, you’ll find them here. She’s an amazing writer, and reading her posts is always a treat. This particular entry just happens to be about my narrow ass!

Of course, I’ll cherry pick some moments to explore myself at some point.

In the meantime, it’s pretty goddamn hot to read her description of events while ‘suffering’ with the sore, throbbing hole she gave me. Yep, two sentences in, and already I want to beg for more…


She’s Here Tomorrow

In approximately fourteen hours I’ll be picking V up at the airport. It’s been a few months since we spent any time together, and it would be difficult to overstate how excited I am to see her. When separated for long periods, I don’t wear her collar, and she’s promised to lock it around my neck as soon as I’m within reach.

Knowing this makes me happy.

As usual, I’m nervous. Anticipation of seeing her always makes me nervous, but it’s not a bad feeling. It’s an excited and achy feeling that starts in the pit of my stomach accompanied by warmth and tingling in the head of my cock.

I’ll be a hard, wet mess by the time I pick her up and won’t feel ‘settled’ until I’m naked and collared under her thumb. Not that feeling settled will reduce the neediness or the anxious feelings. In fact, once we’re alone, these emotions become heightened to an almost ridiculous degree until I’m feverish with want.

She’s to blame for this. (more…)

Rejection Vs. Acceptance

Sitting at her feet

If it feels right to be subordinate in a relationship – if it brings you joy to serve, obey, and be seated at the feet of a worthy Dominant – why would you choose any other dynamic?

To reject this desire is to reject yourself.  And the denial of essence harms only one person – you.

Are You on Facebook?

Do you have a kink-friendly profile on Facebook, if so, please send me a friend invite.

Why? Because it will allow me to shamelessly self-promote my work us to network, share banal observations special moments, and creep former lovers connect with mutual acquaintances.

Most importantly – I’ll feel validated.

It’ll be fun!

Tracking the Dirty Work

Writing a synopsis for a dirty story might not sound difficult, but crafting the perfect little teaser has never come easy to me. Optimally, as synopsis should be fifty-words that encapsulate almost the entire piece while leaving out just enough to intrigue a reader. Getting this right is a task I’ve always found challenging. Oddly enough, forcing myself to write a synopsis before a story’s finished often helps me to figure out what the hell I’m ‘actually’ doing.

A weird way to work…I know, but often it helps.

So I’m going to keep a working draft here until I’m happy with it. Also, seeing as I’m doing that, I might as well keep a log of what’s done and what’s not. Why would I post such things on my blog? Mostly because I can.

However, I do have practical reasons as well.

The biggest obstacle to churning out this dirty little book is the number of ‘straight’ projects I’ve got cooking. Work on this little novella keeps slipping through the cracks. Knowing the progress log is here will bug me to squeeze writing in where I can until it’s finished.

Anyway, I’m sure many readers have no interest in following the process. Those who do can check back as they please.