What’s Not to Love? (1)

Being Put in My Place:

Though I do my best to be well-mannered and well-behaved, I’m only human. Sometimes I’ll take the wrong tone or might be a smart ass when the occasion doesn’t suit. (For the record, being a sarcastic smartass is my default mode with almost everyone besides my Domme with few exceptions.) So when my behavior or attitude’s clearly out of line, I appreciate and thrive under abrupt reminders of my position.

  • In private, a few sharp words, a smack, or the invasion of my personal space have an immediate effect.
  • In public, a look, quiet word, or a light tug on the back of my collar are sufficient cues as I’m hyper aware things could get very rough for me the moment we’ve left the public eye.

As a submissive, I enjoy being subordinate to my Dominant in the day-to-day of things. I love the fact she’ll make most minor decisions without consulting me and has the final say in nearly every major one. By keeping me in line, my Dominant demonstrates she cares about me and the dynamic enough to maintain it. Additionally, putting me in my place is an abrupt reminder and affirmation that she’s in control. Of course, it’s imperative I be mindful and maintain a submissive attitude whenever possible. But when I fuck up, being reminded her hand rests on the nape of my neck makes this boy happy.

Top 100 Sex Blog Nominations for 2016

Molly’s Daily Kiss is now accepting nominations for the Top 100 Sex blogs of 2016

The Rules:

  • If you are a sex blogger, no nominating yourself!
  • Each nomination MUST include the blog URL, not just a name
  • The number of nominations any blog gets is not relevant to the outcome of the list. So those with 1 nomination and those with 20 are all considered for the list on an equal footing.
  • Blog content can be anything sex related – erotica, sex education, sex news, sexy images, etc. Nothing illegal, obviously. (Read this post to decide if a blog is eligible based on content.)
  • The blog can’t be protected. It’s ok if a few of the posts are protected, but the entire blog can’t be behind a password.
  • The blog should be at least a year old, but anyone who’s been blogging since at least November 1st, 2015 will be considered. Special exceptions will be made for someone who has recently moved to a new blog, but was previously blogging somewhere else.
  • You can nominate as many bloggers as you like, but please try to limit it to your very favorites.
  • The blog must have a minimum of 24 posts published between Nov 2015 – Oct 2016. Any blog with no posts in the last 45 days will be eliminated.
  • Tumblr style blogs that are purely reposting other people’s content are not eligible for the list.
  • Commercial magazine style sites are not eligible for the list.
  • Blogs attached to commercial shops are not eligible for the list.
  • Blogs that previously won the #1 spot have been retired (see the list on Molly’s site).

I’ve already made my nominations and encourage others to get the word out about sex blogs they read and enjoy on a regular basis.

Thanks to Mrs Fever for her post reminding everyone the nomination process has begun. 


Working Toward Total Power Exchange (TPE)

Unless my Dominant gives me permission to do otherwise, I’m expected to have my narrow ass in bed by a certain time. If V’s home, chances are she’ll insist on tucking me in.

After a while, It all becomes a kind of ritual, but it’s certainly not routine.

If the idea of an individual having control over ‘little things’ such as when and how you go to sleep doesn’t turn you on, then you probably wouldn’t enjoy a total power exchange (TPE) dynamic in your relationship. The fact that the words ‘total’ and ‘power’ are in the name TPE can lead people to misunderstand how a relationship like this works. A better name might be ‘Selective Power’ as that’s what’s really going on.  Simply put, a dominant decides which aspects of daily life they have control over, and then rules are established and adhered to.

Of course, ‘Selective Power’ doesn’t sound near as sexy as ‘Total Power,’ so I don’t think the moniker will be changed anytime soon.

Obviously, a Domme having this kind of power is a complete turn on for me, but the ‘why’ of its appeal might be puzzling to some readers. I mean, compared to not being allowed to wear clothing in private, having an enforced bedtime sounds trivial, right?

Wrong – each rule is significant and ‘somewhat’ arbitrary. (more…)

Try Again – Little Slut – Try Again

V spent close to an hour ruthlessly fucking me raw. Flat on my back, hands behind my knees, holding myself wide and high as she tortured my hole with a smallish toy. It was her preparations which made such an innocent looking plug hurt so much because she’d fingered, stretched, and stuffed me until I was properly tenderized. Now I was so raw that every thrust burned my sore hole. But no matter how much I whined or begged, V didn’t stop. She was pushing me over a threshold.

I surrendered to cross that threshold, and truly gave myself over to her will for the first time. Once I submitted fully, the pain became bearable. Not that my yielding caused her to relent immediately, but I like to think she was satisfied and stopped hurting me a bit sooner once I gave up.

As she relaxed against the headboard, I  lay next to her , my cheek pressed to her thigh. We remained like this for some time. But it wasn’t long before I became anxious and got that indescribably compelling rush of neediness and feverish cravings. V would be leaving soon, and I desperately wanted more –  more contact – more of the scent and taste of her – more suffering for her – more of the intimate and secure feeling I get once she’s impaled and wrapped me up. As my hole was still throbbing from having been used,  I asked, with kind of timid embarrassment, for her to please fuck me with her strapon.

Rolling onto her side to look at me, her expression was wholly unimpressed. But she said nothing because nothing needed to be said. The look on her face a was all I needed to know what ran through her mind.

“Is that what you call begging?” she was thinking,“Try again, little slut. Try again…” (more…)

Bound – Objectified – and Raw as Fuck

The vast majority of Femdomme porn is targeted at male viewers. One presumes the folks creating and marketing this material would know what their audience wants. So either I’m in the minority, or smut peddlers are out of touch with a segment of their market.

Because, apparently, a large percentage of male viewers don’t want to see themselves trussed up, stuffed, and objectified. Instead, most of the shots are concentrated on a some kind of stereotypical Domme, often grasping a single-tail whip that would shred skin like rice paper. Well, that or there’s like a gazillion pics/movies where a woman straps on a dildo, and then thrusts into a squirming bottom repeatedly until the obligatory reach around.

Maybe it’s purely a point of view thing?  Maybe ‘most guys’ with these fantasies want to see their sexy/cruel Domme at the best angle?

I don’t know, but at this point, most of it’s fairly tedious and played out.

Recently, I’ve seen several images posted by Miss Pearl and others on twitter accompanied by comments asking why there aren’t more shoots where  submissive boy’s are properly displayed. Of course, the easy answer’s in my opening sentence: it’s the market, stupid. However true this may be, I’m hopeful there’ll be a shift in demand and soon. Because the pics that seem to appeal to many female dominants are often more erotic and raw than the industry’s standard fare. By way of example, take the pic below:  (more…)

Writing Myself Out of a Cave

Recently I fell sick. Once recovered, I found myself playing catch-up with work. Then more work came my way, most of it writing or tech-related and all of it was tedious stuff.

But I often find myself thinking about this space and pondering an entry, only to find find I have nothing to say. Well, actually, I have a lot to say, but none of it’s related to the smutty stories or slutty reflections most any of my regular readers would expect from me. And that’s one of the limitations of this here blog: it’s designed for a certain kind of content and little else.

Hell – even this post and the last are off topic

But I feel a second wind coming on…Hmmm…’second?’… hell, at this point in my life, what number would be accurate? If it could be counted, i fear the number would contain at least six zeros.

Anyway, there remains a pile of work to complete, but I’m eyeballing an unfinished rough draft. The urge to jump on it after completing my ‘square’ work is certainly stronger than weariness that, recently, has won the day.

The trick is to write myself out of the spider hole and not use it as a way to crawl back in. So I’ll be doing that directly.

That and actively hunting down the designer of certain popular spreadsheet’s features – so I can set their home ablaze.

Prostration and the Blues

What do you want from me? I was fucking prostate with grief! ~ Tony Soprano

No – there was none of the the ‘good kind’ of prostration. I was sick for a while, then my illness got complicated, and then my complications got complicated. Then I got the depression real hard.

There’s a fuck-ton of pseudo-circular logic and self-analysis inside. So if you don’t want to read that kind of material, consider skipping this post. (more…)