On Perpetual Frustration & Denial

Perusing sites dedicated to female led relationships and male submission, I’ve noticed quite a few dedicated to Cuckoldry. It seems like the frustrated flavor of kink’s becoming more popular, but this observation’s purely anecdotal.

Of course, there’s a huge a number of variations on the dominant/cuckold relationship, but here’s a general overview:

The dominant female takes male lovers, but doesn’t have vaginal intercourse with her cuckold. The cuck is commonly kept in chastity, consistently humiliated/reminded of his status, and is seldom allowed to orgasm. When the cuckold is allowed some release, it will commonly come in the form of strap-on penetration, male milking, or some other method of directly stimulating the prostate.

In regards to the female dominant and her ‘bull’ having sex, there are, again, numerous variations on how the cuckold is involved. Sometimes the cuck is an observer, while in other scenarios, he waits for his wife/lover to return from her date. Some cucks are feminized and ‘forced’ to participate while others merely clean up the mess left behind. -The list goes on.

Being a masochist and someone who enjoys humiliation, I have empathy for those who enjoy being cuckolds. I can understand why they find it arousing on an intellectual level. However, the idea being kept in chastity to ‘observe’ and ‘suffer’ while other people fuck doesn’t sound like fun to me. It sounds like the exact opposite of fun.

In point of fact, the idea squicks me.

Given my own preferences, that I’m nauseated by the idea is interesting.

Is it the abuse and humiliation, you hypocrite?
As already stated, I enjoy physical and mental abuse, hard use, humiliation, beating, etc. All these activities and more are very appealing to me. I loveĀ belonging to a dominant female. I love being someone’s boy, and I enjoy all kinds of dirty things being done to me. But I also want to be loved and valued. Let me hasten to clarify, while some cucks are subject to constant derision and abuse, others are genuinely loved for their position.

Is it jealousy then?
No, I’m not jealous by nature. (In fact my lack of jealousy has been interpreted as not ‘caring about a partner,’ but that’s an entirely different post.) I’m an unrepentant slut, but I’m happiest when I’m ‘her slut,’ one who’s indulged when she says and how she says. And the only way I can hope for that kind of dynamic is if a dominant enjoys taking lovers and gets off on sharing me now and then.

Homophobic much?
Not all cuckold relationships involve bisexual activity, but it’s fairly common. But, no, I can watch leather men fuck all-day long quite nonplussed. Frankly, the female dominants that fucked me the best learned a lot of their skills from queer tops. The idea of sex with a man simply has no appeal. The idea of eating another man’s cum out of my dominant’s cunt or ass…ugh…

Okay, yeah, that just made me sick.

I don’t think I’m going to figure it out completely. But leaving my reaction to felching aside, it seems like there’s one aspect of a dominant/cuckold dynamic I dislike the most: the cuck gets off on watching his dominant receive pleasure while he remains frustrated and unsatisfied.

By now we’ve established I’m way to much of a slut to enjoy that as a kink. As to why I have such a strong reaction to it, it seems like a combination of factors.

Look, I adore female led relationships. I want to be with someone who’s smarter than me, or at least smarter in different ways. I want to be in a relationship with someone who helps to make me a better person when I’m around them than I am alone and keeps me in line as needed. (Not that I need that a lot because I’m not a brat) And as much as I enjoy all the abuse and use, I wont truly engage with someone who doesn’t love me as hard as they own me. In short, I hope to someday connect with a top who wants to go to that far shore with me as their submissive ‘partner in crime.’

And chastity, supervised masturbation, orgasm control, tease and denial, all these activities are hot and keep a boy’s mind focused on pleasing his dominant. I have been and could be quite happy living in such a dynamic.

But the idea of being someone whose sexuality is defined by perpetual frustration and denial is the opposite of happy to me.


3 thoughts on “On Perpetual Frustration & Denial

  1. slave caged has been kept going on two years without orgasm, slave is kept in a tight steel chastity cage 24/7/365 by Goddess Gayle Alanna. slave is kept dildo’d most of the time with a 9 inch dildo keeping it in extreme frustration. slave is not allowed to beg for release,Goddess is the only one that knows when or if slave will ever have an orgasm ever again.


  2. Interesting post! Given my username, it’s pretty obvious i’m in a cuckold relationship, and your questions about what pleasure my cuck gets out of it all is something I do still question from time to time. I can’t comment on other peoples relationships, but for my partner he says what he enjoys most is seeing me being able to orgasm more than I ever could with him, combined with the feeling of being the ultimate beta male. He’s not bisexual but the action of fluffing a guy for me or having to lick up their cum, for him is the ultimate form of humiliation.

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    1. Thanks for the response! I appreciate your sharing insight and experience,

      At some point, seeking answers to the ‘why’ of things becomes irrelevant and counter productive. IMHO: When it comes to fucking, academic exercises should be abandoned the moment they threaten to dry up the fun.

      The bottom line is you and your partner sound satisfied and happy, …Well, ‘satisfied’ is a tricky word here, inn’t šŸ˜‰

      You sound happy, and we should all be so lucky.

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