She Might Want to…

Horny is my usual condition, but the entire day had been one of craving and want. I was distracted and frustrated throughout the afternoon but got five hours worth or writing done just the same.

It was Friday, and we’d be spending the evening together. After a week with little contact or time together, I needed a few hours naked under her thumb.

Fridays are not an evening when she wants romance. Fridays are for a nice meal somewhere and winding down. The most effective way to put her in the mood to play with me is to make sure the house is in order, and there’s nothing to think about besides what the weekend will bring. When she’s relaxed and unconcerned with mundane affairs, she’s happy. I get more attention when she’s happy. With that in mind, I used the last few hours before she got home to complete all the house chores, including things she’d asked be finished over the weekend.

When she arrived home from work, the house was perfect, and she was in a terrific mood. After she freshened up, we went out for a light supper at a local cafe, then came home to relax.

Arriving home, she headed for the bedroom. After locking up the house, I went in to find her lounging on the bed wearing sweatpants and a tank top poking at unread emails on her tablet.

Glancing up with a smile, she asked why I wasn’t naked yet.

Questions like this are why I love her, and while scrubbing down in the shower, I had high hopes for the evening.

When I climbed in bed, she secured my collar before returning to her email. I lay beside her, head resting on her lap, waiting for her to finish reading.

Her phone vibrated. After reading the text, she grumbled a bit, then responded. Two texts later, she was engrossed in a silent conversation.

I hoped whoever it was burst into flames.

Resigned to wait, I tried to settle my mind, snuggled into her just a touch more, and closed my eyes to escape inside my head.

There’d been a delicious ache in the pit of my stomach all day. But that ache was quickly becoming close to unbearable and threatened to overwhelm me. I almost gave into the urge to whine and hug her a bit tighter to get attention. But I knew an interruption would get the wrong kind of attention. Instead, I shifted to curl around her a bit more and practiced patience. I prepared myself to be grateful for what she wanted, putting myself in the proper head space to be vulnerable, eager, and hers.

So what might she do?
What might she want?

She might want to be licked first…

I’ll lap at her clit, gently at first, with the flat of my tongue. Long slow licks with the occasionally flicker until I sense she wants more pressure or a faster tempo. Lying between her thighs, my face drenched her juices, I’m eager yet careful not to push until she arches to push into me. Feeling her wetness, hearing her moans approach tiny gasps, I can tell she is getting closer. Quickening my tempo, I suck her clit gently like a tiny cock, alternately plunging my tongue deep inside. Surrounded by her warmth and wetness, my individuality seems to dissipate. Her thighs lock against my ears, and then her fingers are pulling at my collar. She is half muttering curses, urging me to not lose the rhythm or stop. No longer speaking she pants and moans as I lick and suck her into orgasm.

She might want to rest after…

At first, I’ll lie there with my face pressed to her cunt’s lips, just breathing and gently kisses until she gently pushes me away. Then I’m allowed to snuggle next to her as she stretches out in the afterglow and buzz. Knowing I am greedy for her scent, she’ll lift her arm, allowing me to burrow in and bury my face in the damp pit. My nose already full of the smell of her sex, I murmur contentedly to be further lost in her scent, marked by her pheromones, and drifting in the sweat and heat of her. Chuckling, she twists to pin me under her. My face now pressed into the pit of her arm as she teases the sore flesh of my dripping cock. Her hand moves down then under and spread my legs then moan and squirm as she begins toying with the entrance to my asshole.

She might want eye contact…

She often wants my eyes locked on hers when she enters me. Tells me to look at her as her fingertips circle my hole. Studying my face, watching as I start to get desperate. My requests to be fucked dry are denied, but she wets her finger in my mouth before sliding it in just a bit more. Seeing my glazed look, she smacks me lightly until I focus on her. She is inside me, and I am moaning. A smirk before she shoves two fingers wet with her juices into my mouth. She’s stuffed both my holes with her fingers, her thumb, sticky with juice is rubbed on my upper lip pushing the mingled fragrance of sex and sweat into my senses.

She might want her ass worshiped…

My talented, slutty mouth, oh how she loves to use it. Turning she straddles my face. At first, I lap at the wet, silky folds covering my mouth, my nose jammed into her ass. I push further into her as I lick, breathing all of her in until she shifts to place her asshole directly onto my mouth. A few moments there, cutting off my breath before she leans forward slightly. Knowing she wants me to start slow, I lap gently at her asshole, long and slow, an act of love and worship that I adore. It turns her on and her bearing down tells me she wants more. Accordingly, I drive my tongue deep inside her as she shifts back to take more. I can hear her muffled grunts and moans as she bucks and grinds on my tongue. I am lost in the smell and the taste of sweat and fuck as she shudders, then digs hers nails into my cock. She is close to the edge.

She might want to use my mouth again…

My lips and tongue on her asshole can get her close but seldom over the edge. Already straddling me, she shifts back until her cunt is pressed against my mouth until all her body weight is bearing down on my face. She moves back and forth across my mouth as I try to stay as open and soft as I can for her. She presses and grinds as though she’s forgotten I am anything other than a warm mouth, grinding her pubic bone into my face so hard my teeth cut into my lips. I taste blood but stay supple and gentle, then suck and lick as she lifts off of me slightly. She cums hard and sudden, the juices drenching my face as she shudders, and groans, punching the mattress as the orgasm rolls through her.

She might…she might…she might…

All the hypotheticals became a dizzying whirl of images. Rock hard and dripping pre cum, I did my best to stay still.

She might…She might…she might…

She might curl up behind me to grasp my throat. I can feel where she’s already strapped on, hard latex against my leg. Nuzzling my ear, she starts a medium-sized plug in with her hand and pushes it home with her knee. Curled up to press by ass against her knee, I am filled up, drifting in her softness, covered up in her warmth and stuffed by her hand – dazed by feelings that are sending me deeper into sub space. She toys with me and winds me up, teasing me into violent want even as she catches her breath. And I know she’ll want to fuck me with her cock but she might just wait to take me until I’m close to breaking wide open.

She might fuck herself into my skull…

Spinning me to rest flat on my back, she pins my arms as she crawls up to study my face. A slight smile while running the edge of her hand up her torso, careful to show me she’s gathering the sweat from her skin before spreading it across my face. Then she fingers herself, two knuckles deep so I can hear the sucking of her drenched fingers just before she reaches up to stuff them into my mouth and nose. And then she is on top of me, face inches from mine. she allows a trickle of saliva to land on my upper lip. I close my eyes as more drips into my nostrils, my senses overloaded.

“Look at me, boy.”

I obey, eyes stinging with her juices as she locks eyes with me, then uses her fingertips to fuck it into my skull. Juices, sweat, saliva, fucked in slow and steady until I can smell nothing but her, see nothing besides her eyes. Only then does she use a well-lubed plug to stretch me, pausing at its widest point always agonizingly slow. My eyes are still locked on hers when I see that desperate aching look cross her face, like she wants to devour me. She settles for consuming my lips and tongue, wild, almost feral in the way she kisses me. A moment later both hands on my throat as she lifts my head, then slams it down before sucking the air from my lungs, and growling into my mouth. Teeth clenching my tongue for several heart beats of whimpering into her mouth before she shoves my head sideways. She bites the lobe of my ear, hard, until I’m unable to even gasp, mouth open wide yet silent.

“Mine…. Mine…. Mine…. Mine….”

Whispered into my ear as she fucks me with her fingers. Each push inside me accompanied by this word, spoken between clenched teeth, the searing pain from my earlobe makes me gasp harder, breathe in more of her scent, mouth now dry but still tasting her with each gulp of air.

A an intense look in her eyes, I dare not break as she climbs between my legs, lifting them as I spread. My knees pressed to my chest, and the head of her cock pressed against my hole. A smack hard enough to see stars, two fingers on my jaw to direct my gaze.

“Look at me, boy.”

My eyes lock with hers as she enters me with a slow thrust. I am gasping, whining, yet still gazing up unto her eyes as she takes me.

She might…She might…Oh, I hope she does…

With a feverish mind and aching cock, I remained across her lap. My body still so as not to distract her. But my breathing was almost a pant, my skin burned. And then I could feel her watching me.

Setting the phone down, she smiled, then stretched and yawned.

“I’m sleepy,” she said. “I might want to turn in early.”


If you loved this piece, you might enjoy this one as well. It’s about the same length but a lot dirtier.


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