Me Write Dirty Someday

I’m halfway through drafting a short piece in response to emdimensional’s ‘Word of the Week.’ After cooking up an angle that interests me, I end up with a decent story more often than not. But that’s not my goal. My goal is to learn to write pieces which are smoking hot yet also engage the reader’s intellect.

That’s no small feat.

As a novelist, I find writing decent short fiction to be difficult,While I’m competent in a number of genres. Erotica’s not one of them. Sure, I’ve read my share of smut and developed the skills to figure out what makes a story tick. However, this is my first sustained effort at writing erotica. I’m finding it to be a challenge.

Because I’m not fool enough to try and please every reader. Instead, I aim to write effective smut that achieves the following: a reader who’s turned-on, a reader who’s a little surprised by my angle of approach, and possibly – just possibly – a reader who finds themselves thinking a bit.

Writing thoughtful erotica is the tough part, and I’ve no idea if I’ll succeed. Because here’s the thing: if you try to get too clever, all the sizzle goes out of a scene, and if you go for nothing but gratuitous imagery, there’s little to think about.

All that said – a dirty story has to first succeed in its primary goal: to get the reader’s engine running hot and keep it revving until the conclusion. Yet here I am working to engage the intellect when most of the reader’s blood is flowing to their pink parts. Won’t any engagement of the intellect kill the mood?

Of course not – but you knew that was coming.

Why? Because if you think, read, fuck, and live for a few decades, you already know that most sex is as much mental as it is physical. Well, the good sex is. And who the hell wants bad sex, anyway?

I digress.

The trick is to synthesize what’s hot and what’s thoughtful because attempting to separate the two is a fool’s errand.  So isn’t the goal of fusing together that which is inseparable be a rather paradoxical kind of folly?


Yet the fool who squats before you fumbling with language aims to do just that…


5 thoughts on “Me Write Dirty Someday

    1. So far, it reads like a thoughtful short that’s ‘kind of’ sexy but still lacks sizzle…but, like anything else, it’s kind of a numbers game. Thanks for the interest though. I am hopeful I can come up with smoking-hot stories after a while 🙂


  1. I’m looking forward to delving into your masterpiece when you finish it. I’m only feeling a little guilty for sending you down the path. I do hope it isn’t eating into your time in a wasteful way. It sounds like you’re taking the opportunity to stretch your craft, so good will surely come.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heh – I don’t know this one will be a masterpiece. I’ll settle for effective and somewhat entertaining 🙂

      Regardless, your interest and enthusiasm is welcome!

      Liked by 1 person

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