Why’s This Clip so Hot?

The clip begins: He’s naked on hands and knees next to a wall-length mirror. His cock and balls bound with rope, attached to a suspended jug of water. The rope is wrapped around the base of his nuts once and the base of his cock twice, both darkened by the constriction, his genitals bound so tightly it’s hard to imagine enough blood can reach his member to achieve an erection, yet he’s semi-hard.


Female dominant humiliates bound, naked, submissive
Female dominant humiliates bound, naked, submissive who is stubborn about learning just how vulnerable he is. Clicking the pic takes you to the clip.


Kneeling beside him, she keeps a running dialogue, never allowing him to fully escape inside his own head. Most of the time, she watches the mirror, a kind of instant voyeur of her own cruelty. Occasionally, she glances over her shoulder at the camera to laugh or smile.

She maintains contact with his cock throughout most the scene. Sometimes using spit, other times lube, she continually strokes and teases him, massaging blood into it, stroking the head gently, then increasing pressure and speed until he’s almost fully erect. Intermittently, she hurts him – smacking his cock or nuts. At one point, she nearly pulls him off-balance. After watching him go limp for a moment, she begins teasing once again.

The clip is sixteen minutes and twenty-five seconds in length. A half hour of teasing, threats, spanking, and humiliation before she brings him close to orgasm: he pleads to cum. She encourages him to beg as she strokes him closer to the edge. His begging and whining become increasingly desperate. She says, no, quite abruptly, and gives his cock one final smack before walking away.

And…So What?
Glad you asked. See, I don’t watch porn all that often. But I’ve been known to binge occasionally and can become obsessed with a particular scene or actress as easily as the next guy. This particular clip is one I return to fairly frequently, but I wasn’t sure exactly why.

Solution: over think it to death.

I figured I’d post the clip along with all the reasons I like it. Turns out, the list of what’s explicitly hot about the scene is shorter than I thought. In fact, as I broke the scene down into its composite parts, I came to realize I was constructing an entirely separate version of events contrary to what’s depicted.

What’s Hot

  • The dominant in this clip is as cheerful and enthusiastic as she is sadistic and in control. She appears to genuinely be having a good time.
  • The clip affects to be shot by amateurs. It isn’t, of course, but the illusion is decently maintained. No cheesy music or pizza delivery men. Also, there are no latex costumes or stupid props.
  • This method of bondage combined with CBT appeals to me because of just how helpless and vulnerable he is.
  • While I’m not fixated on feet or their smell, and find the trope one-note in nature, this particular series of clips depicts a dominant conditioning her slave to associate a part of her body with, pain, pleasure, and control.

What’s Not

  • I don’t like the way he speaks to her. There’s an annoyingly ‘dickish’ tone to his voice. Sure, I’m being picky, but his voice and attitude grate on my nerves just the same.
  • I’m not into feet as the central focus of my submission or worship. The target audience is viewers who are into this particular fetish.
  • The whole ‘cruel stepsister’ conceit causes me to shrug.

So why do I enjoy this clip?

Because the dominant is fucking adorable, as sweet as she is cruel.

Because the way she’s depicted to be conditioning him and humiliating him, breaking him down a bit more each scene. While this series is targeting those with a foot fetish, I tend to imagine all kinds of other activities and conditioned triggers being worked in.

They aren’t, of course, but that hasn’t stopped me from watching it, repeatedly.

As an aside, the Domme in this clip goes by Goddess Whiskey, and you can purchase or find more clips of her work if you search the net. I don’t think she’s doing anything in the industry now, which is a damn shame, but clips from this time period are pretty easily obtained.

If you enjoyed this write-up and a clip format, you might enjoy the second installment:  Annie Shwarz in -“Body Fluid Punishment”


4 thoughts on “Why’s This Clip so Hot?

  1. I like that attitude much better than the strict, severe, evil sadist (most of the time). It feels more real to me, where a lot of the overly cruel, overbearing ones come across like they’re reading off a script. It also can sometimes feel like the serious, mean ones just aren’t having a lot of fun. Despite his tone (yeah, she was way too nice to him) it really looks like she’s genuinely enjoying herself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I like her attitude much better than the strict and severe type myself…except for sometimes… 🙂

      Funny how that works, innit?

      But, hey, someone can be just as sadistic and cruel while sounding sweet and smiling. –But You already knew that!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow… it was 14 minutes into the video before he finally loses that tone… She was way to nice to this boy, but finally at the end he made some really pitiful little noises. Pleeeeeeeeeease… hehe So it did leave me with a smile afterall. Thanks for sharing! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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