The Rules of Engagement

I’ll make a static page for this topic at some point but felt compelled to write and post this now.

I constantly revise my work. Revision isn’t an option but a compulsion as I’m forever finding a more effective way of getting a point across or making a sentence strike a deeper chord. It makes no difference if it’s been two weeks or two years, if I see a bloated sentence or awkward syntax, I have to fix it.

My roughest of drafts are nearly always sloppy, just as later ones are often flawed. Yet if I waited to post pieces until they were ‘perfect,’ they’d never see the back-light of your screen.

So I reserve the right to revise any and all posts as I see fit.

That said, it’s disingenuous to radically change a position or a ‘serious’ declarative statement without acknowledging the fact I’ve done so.

My solution is to adhere to the following rules:

  • I will revise and correct surface errors or major stylistic changes to posts that state a position without comment.
  • If I find I made a comment I regret or feel was in error, I will record a change has been made in a footnote.

The fact this blog is unlikely to have more than a handful of readers isn’t lost on me. 🙂

Still, intellectual honesty counts. Regardless of the size of the audience, whether it’s thousands of people, another individual, or I’m merely talking to myself – It’s important to remain accountable.

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