The Universe Listens (Sometimes)

I don’t do well without someone keeping me accountable.

With no one watching and left to my own devices, I remain productive, creative, and fully engaged with life. But I’m not as happy.

When I cannot be a pliant, willing companion to another’s dominant energy, I’m not self-destructive with chemicals, nor do I let myself slip into poor physical condition. But I’m seldom content.

Over the last month, I’ve neither been happy nor content. To put it mildly, it’s been a rough patch…

Sometimes, the universe ignores my un-tethered state. Bad luck, poor timing, name it as you wish – it sucks just the same. I remain in a kind of emotional limbo, careful not to hope to hard as that’s a desperate, toxic vibe – like the hooks are out.

But sometimes, the universe listens. Somehow, I’m directed toward the right person at the right time.

Unlikely connections, which are qualified and appear tenuous, yet remain strong no matter how closely I study them for flaws, weakness, fraying, or undue stress. Finding they remain sound, I am as humbled as I am grateful – as content as I am eager to please.

I could say more, but I need to make this quick.

Because, when observed, and accountable, I’m quite content. Even happy…and letting them down is unacceptable.

Also, this fact remains: the universe was listening this time. So I’m compelled to listen in turn, prepared to respond in kind.


2 thoughts on “The Universe Listens (Sometimes)

  1. It feels good to be seen and heard, acknowledged and found valuable, and when that is missing, even shiny things lose their appeal. A bright life through a full lens is dull.

    I’m glad your lens is clear and I’ll be interested to hear what the universe whispers to you.

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