Some New Kind of Kick

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It’s the rush. It’s the crash. It’s the sheer
fuck-off of it all – that never occurred.

A compulsion to click, the confusion of friend requests with – connection. The pixellated push for each bump: dopamine & norepinephrine stifle nagging like a piss gag.

“Babygirl’s quest” – the caring crop – the sting of the lash within – none of it will touch your flesh – Squares boxes chock-full of clever –“look at my list” – Flea market T-shirt slogan’s are ‘loved.’

Potential applicants should…
Giving Good & Game…
If you seek to…
I am real…

Can’t you see how real I am?

Digital photos of Lacerated flesh – iPhone footage of a bathroom stall – Have you seen the images of my lacerated flesh? – At the Fetish Con with an authentic hand-made single tail – That’s where – That’s how – That’s where – Everything reduced to four minutes, three seconds of hand-held action smeared across linoleum. – That’s how real.

You be real too.


2 thoughts on “Some New Kind of Kick

  1. And desperate. So desperate. Although I will say I love a good list, full of clever slogans and ironic little twists. It’s my guilty pleasure, now that Bridezillas is over (don’t judge me).

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