Pent-Up Without Permission

Though I self-identify as a slut, I have little desire to pleasure myself without permission. In fact, I prefer to be supervised. Absent both these factors, any pleasure I derive is vastly diminished. There are several reasons for this, but the most relevant one is psychological.

There’s few things hotter than Dominant instruction and supervision when edging myself for her amusement. In fact, when I’m owned and used regularly, Dominant supervision and approval often lead to a form of mental orgasm that’s more significant and meaningful than just ‘getting off.’ 

This doesn’t happen overnight. I don’t get all hot and bothered by just any woman watching me masturbate. And, of course, what I crave transcends mere voyeurism. Because after I’ve been under a Dominant for some time, I can feel the weight of her gaze as I stroke my cock. Each word she speaks making me weak with want.

Masturbation or teasing without a Dominant female to sanction, encourage, and enjoy my reactions is both unsatisfying and empty.

I’m quite sure this isn’t normal for most men. I’m equally sure I don’t give a fuck.

However, I need some release and soon. – Here’s proof:

I frequent several blogs focused on female-led relationships. This evening, I was on such a blog and scanned the daily routine of a male submissive. The list was matter-of-fact, not eroticized, more of a laundry list than anything. Yet while reading this routine, I got so hard that I had to adjust myself.

Lifting hand from cock, I found it to be wet with cum. Not pre-cum, no sticky half starts. Straight-up cum. It was thick and smelled like pent-up boy lust.

I need to get fucked.

8 thoughts on “Pent-Up Without Permission

  1. ‘Masturbation… without a Dominant to sanction, encourage and enjoy my reactions is both unsatisfying and empty’… so very true! Master has been out of the country for 10 days and although i have His permission to orgasm, the emptiness permeates so deeply, i just can’t. Mental orgasms till His return next week are just as hollow 💜

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    1. While the frustration is real, the post comes off as ‘poor me’ when I was/am actually amused myself. Ah well, can’t always knock the ball out of the park.

      Such are the hazards of firing off posts while short on sleep and horny 🙂


    2. I didn’t get a “poor me” vibe. And I have to say you’re very amusing when you’re short on sleep and horny (and for the record, I am totally NOT trying to encourage you to stay short on sleep).

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