Star Trek D/s Memes

Shit Dominant Spock Says

After all, he is half human. Logic dictates he possesses the empathy required to figure this out!

I spent entirely too much time fucking around with these memes. And, for the record, it’s a lot easier to think of lines for Dominant Spock than it is for submissive Kirk.

Sub Kirk is Subbing

Submissive Kirk

Always & Forever

Evil Spock

If you have any ideas for classic Dom/sub one-liners either character was born to say, please share the pain!


2 thoughts on “Star Trek D/s Memes

  1. I was trying to think of witty one-liners from Dominant Spock… But every time I think of him saying it in that voice of his, I start laughing and completely lose track of whatever I was thinking.

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