Things Even I Won’t Do

My limits have changed over the years, and I expect nuanced change to continue. However, I don’t see any flexibility in my hard limits on the horizon. But the thing about hard limits is I always feel kind of silly looking over the more extreme ones.

Don’t get me wrong, I know and understand why articulating what one will and won’t do is important. And if the enumeration of limits was a waste of time, why I bother thinking them through, much less write this entry. That said, much of what’s listed seems excessive for the following reasons: I’m not one for casual play; accordingly, by the time I know and trust a Dominant enough get down like this, I won’t be concerned they’ve got nappys and an over-sized baby’s bottle tucked in their bag or a randy German Shepherd in the garage.

Because if I misjudge someone’s character that badly, I’ve got bigger problems to address.

Anyway – below are my hard and soft limits. I’m just writing and not using a pre-made form, so there’s a good chance I forgot to include something. What’s here is a kind of outline, nothing close to the detailed and specific contracts I’ve signed.

Hard Limits

  1. Scat
  2. Animals
  3. Children
  4. Fisting
  5. Infantilism
  6. Sissification
  7. Crossdressing
  8. Forced Bisexuality
  9. Cuts, Burns, or Impact play intended to cause serious injury

Soft Limits

  1. Menstrual Service
  2. Dan Brown Novels

5 thoughts on “Things Even I Won’t Do

    1. At this point I’m convinced that any contract I actually sign would have clauses, sub-clauses, and a ten-page addendum. This was just a basic outline.

      That said…hot glue guns…kind of sexy 🙂

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    2. I was making candles recently and since I’m basically a child kept dipping my hands in the hot wax and letting it dry even though it hurt like a bitch. That could be fun if there are no glue guns around. Okay, now I’m going off on a mental tangent – I like the idea of dulling the sensation on a cock and then getting fucked, so I enjoy it more than my sub does, and now I’m wondering what types of wax would be least irritating to a vagina. Ha, this is some hobby huh. 🙂

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    3. Actually…they sell relatively cheap paraffin baths on Amazon. No idea whether paraffin would irritate the vagina, but I’m betting you would get a chuckle or three forcing him to coat his cock in a hot pool of wax – repeatedly 🙂

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