Reading Is Fun-da-mental

More people would read if they had the proper seating arrangements.

in 2014, Pew Research  found approximately twenty-five percent of Americans hadn’t read a book in the past year. In fact, the number of non-book readers has tripled since 1978. Not only are there fewer readers, but, alarmingly (to those of us who write the stuff) fewer people are reading fiction than ever before!

Fear not, I have a solution.

Apparently, women read more than men by a wide margin, a noticeable and increasing trend over the past decade. Instead of concerning ourselves with increasing male readership, the obvious solution is to increase the appeal for the gender more likely to crack a book in the first place.

Let’s face it – pun intended – if women had comfortable, service-oriented, and dedicated seating arrangements for reading, they’d read more.

Problem solved.


2 thoughts on “Reading Is Fun-da-mental

  1. I love when goddess Nina talks on the phone with her gf while I go down on her, and would even enjoy her watching TV or reading like that. It’s all about serving her and being used


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