Branded With Cold Steel

At some point, V wants the flesh just under the head of my cock pierced with a small-gauge ring. When she isn’t toying with me torturing me with the ring, it would be used to secure a small, weighted medallion engraved with her initials.

She refers to it as branding me without the use of hot iron.

I love the idea and cannot decide what’s hotter: that V has promised to allow me to bury my face in her body as the needle pierces my flesh or having a the constant reminder I’m owned hanging from my cock.

Upon further review – both ideas are equally appealing.

Yesterday, V sent me a photo of a piercing and jewelry that’s similar to what she has in mind. Taking the image in, I had two immediate responses.

My first thought was, ‘Goddamn that’s sexy!’

But a moment later, I found myself mumbling, “What the fuck…’

In the greater scheme of things, I don’t give a damn, but if you study this photo for a second, the reason for my second reaction becomes obvious. (Mostly because I drew a giant red circle around it.)


Look, if I sold dick jewelry for a living, I’d be keen to get good models for my merchandise and make sure the photos were close to perfect. To that end, I’d write up some best-practices material.

Criteria for Effective Photography of Cock-jewelry

The photo of the merchandise itself should look good. I mean what you’re selling is the jewelry, so it should be polished and whatnot. Nuff said.
The merchandise should be photographed adorning a photogenic prick. It seems pretty damn important the model have decent looking junk when selling jewelry meant for that purpose.
The photo should keep the customer focused on the merchandise. The lighting should be perfect, the model should have his nuts shaved, and there should be nothing to distract the customer from looking at the jewelry.

All that’s common sense. So how the fuck does the photographer, web monkey, or business owner miss the fact their stunt-cock model has some funky-ass fingernails? I mean, you’re zoomed in so close that his schlong looks like a zeppelin, so wouldn’t you notice homeboy has gnarly claws?

How long would it take a professional to clean up those Big-Foot-looking nails with Photoshop? Two minutes? Three?

Anyway… now we’ve established I’m obsessed with things that bother no one else in the world. Still, hopefully, my rant about gnarly fingernails didn’t hijack all the sexy out of the news V wants me pierced.

Did it?


Ah well, I’m still excited!


6 thoughts on “Branded With Cold Steel

  1. I’m glad you find the idea sexy but I am clenching my lady parts so goddamn hard right now at just the thought of a piercing in that area!! Read the rest of your post and was grossed out by the fungal nails. This was a less sexy post than I first anticipated 😦

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