My sweet slut. My greedy boy. I know you want it bad, want me to fill your aching hole, don’t you? Well then beg slut? Beg me sweet. Good boy, very good boy. I know you love to be held down and fingered like a mewling cunt. And that’s exactly how you feel with my hands around your neck, squirming under me. I already own your ass. But I can sense you becoming my bitch with each moment that passes.
And you want it. I know you do, but I want to hear you beg for it. Good boy, very good. Keep on begging as I finger fuck you. Keep on whining. Keep stammering and telling me how much you love it, and you’ll get more. Much more. That’s it, I can feel you moving against me, can tell you want it. Oh, no, you’re not stopping now. You aren’t going to just lie there and moan, slut. Let me feel you try to swallow more of my finger with your hole. Not your mouth you slap-stupid bitch, your asshole, your boy cunt, the dirt hole I’ve got my finger hooked into. That’s right, I’m fingering you – my little bitch. Try and clench up. Try and push me out. That’s it…I can feel your greedy boy cunt begging for it, but I want to hear you babble. Oh? You want more? What a surprise. More of what? Tell me, boy.

original source - http://redfinity718.tumblr.com/post/131374809230Hmm? Oh, you like the abuse, sweetheart? Enjoy it when I beat and hurt you? Well then get up on all fours, so I can see you better.  See every inch of you, up close. That’s it. Much better. Like that? Do you like the feel of my hand spreading you open? Spanking your pink parts red? I can tell you love it by the noises you make. A pain slut, ass slut, and a complete glutton for humiliation. Oh you’re going to get it. Squirm as much as you like. Feel free to scream. Let it out boy, and try to crawl or thrash if you want. It makes beating you much more fun. I’ll hold you right here and beat you raw. But it’s not as though you even try to get away…not yet. Who are you kidding? All that whimpering while you ooze precum. I know you love it. I can feel you buck against me to meet each smack. You love it and want more. Yes? Tell me you want more. Tell me how much?

I’ll give it to you alright. Give it to you until you break for me. Feel that cool metal against your stinging hole? Well it’s the fat steel plug that made your eyes go as wide as saucers when you first saw it. And you’re going to take it for me like a good boy. You’re going to take this thick, heavy, plug in your ass and hold it until you’re well-stretched and ready for my cock. Mmm…don’t worry, I’ll go slow. Nice and slow to stretch your tight, little hole. That’s it, that’s it. Oh you nearly squealed when that went in. You love being stuffed. That’s easy to see. And the noises you make, fucking hot. Gasping like a bitch when stuffed and whimpering like a little girl when its nearly out. I can’t wait to hear how you sound when I fuck you with my cock. That will happen soon. I’m going to relish feeling how you squirm and whimper as I slid it home achingly slow, owning you thoroughly, one inch at a time. My cock’s head is small compared to this plug that’s almost all the way out…almost there…almost…I think you’re about to scream.

Alright, shhhh, don’t hyperventilate, it’s back deep inside. I’ll stop torturing you…for a little while. Hear, now just settle for me. Settle and feel the weight inside you. Good boy. That’s it, lie back stuffed and sore so I can see your eyes. Here, drink…more…Good. You’ll get that from my hand just as you’ll learn to get anything and everything else from me. Understand slut? Everything comes from me because I own you. My ass, my cock, my mouth, my boy. All mine. Suck my fingers gentle and slutty like you would my cock. That’s a good boy. Here, take another drink. Finish it and hydrate, bitch. Good, now give me your mouth, gentle, sweet, open. Goddamn, your mouth is soft. Let me taste your lips, your tongue. It’s as though I can taste each moan each gasp. Delicious gasping . Your cock hurt, boy? No -MY- cock hurts, boy. Open your thighs. Wider. But keep your eyes on me. I want to watch them glaze over.

There’s my good boy, you relax, and breathe as I remove this plug. Keep your eyes on me and breathe because I’m going to pull it out slow soon, very soon. Hurt and owned by who’s hand? Yes, my hand. You’ll eat from my palm before the nights out, bitch. Yes, it has to come out, but doesn’t being covered up, restrained, and held close make it easier? I know it does just as I know you want more. It’s coming out now, so get lost in my eyes and let go. Awww…so good. Yes, a very good boy. Now settle again and spread and lift your ass some. Give me that sore greasy hole. Don’t worry, I’m going to be nice, so just settle and shush.

Whimper all you like, but I want you to shut up for now. Just relax while I finger you and stroke that tender, clamped little boy clit of yours. Good. Very good. Oh, that’s exactly what this is, a swollen little boy clit. Your tender little bud, so sensitive the graze of a fingertip makes you moan. It will look better caged, and, eventually, I’ll have it pierced, so you always remember who you belong to.

My bitch. My sexy little bitch who’s a man everywhere else, but is a whiny, needy, whore under me. My slut who knows he has a boy cunt to be fucked, who knows he’ll only ever cum from being fucked with my cock or whatever else I stick inside him. That’s how I want you: needy, and slutty. And you’ll open up that dirty mind to me even more. Yes, you will, boy.

Think I don’t notice how you grind your nose into my asshole when I’m riding your face? Think I don’t know you want my asshole, cunt, or armpit over your mouth when I’m hurting you with a clamp, crop, or needle? Think I don’t know you love to be such a depraved mouth slut, shamelessly sucking my finger immediately after I’m done fingering your ass? Think I don’t know the thoughts running through your head as you whimper underneath me, craving to be bound, pissed on, fucked, humiliated, and beaten until you break? I know all of it and more. Sometimes you’ll beg, and other times, I’ll just give it to you. Either way, I’m going to use you, slut. Hard and often. So the sooner you surrender to the idea, the easier things will be. You are a dirty boy, and it’s important you’re used to your potential… and my entertainment.

Oh yes, I’m going to fuck you now.

Afterwards, I’ll want to use your mouth. I’ll want to ride your face and grind on it until you’re soaked and sticky with my juices. Once I’ve orgasmed, you’ll lick me clean.

But first, I’m going to fuck you.

So, roll over. Here, place this pillow under your waist. Don’t fret, I’ll enter you slow. But for fucks sake, turn off your brain. Or don’t. It doesn’t much matter as I’m going to fuck you until your mind melts.

There’s no need to ask permission to cum. But don’t think telling me you’ve cum will make me stop. I’m going to take you now slut. I’m going to fuck and own my precious little boy who begs, whimpers, and moans so prettily.

Take a deep breath, boy…


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