Questions for Female Readers

Hard at work on an erotic novella depicting a lifestyle D/s relationship, and I’m making an honest effort to  meet the expectations of a female audience. To that end, I’m hoping female readers can provide some feedback as to what works for them and what doesn’t.


Please answer any/all questions you feel inclined to:

• What do you look for in D/s erotica?
• What erotic stories or novels ‘do it’ for you? Also, can you articulate what it is about these titles that make them stand out?
• What is it that authors of BDSM or D/s erotica depicting dominant females often do poorly or turn you off?
• What do you think dominant women want to see more of in erotica that’s given little or no attention?

If you have thoughts on any points I’ve neglected, please let me know.

Also, I’d greatly appreciate it if readers shared this survey with anyone who might want to respond. Of course, if anyone would feel more comfortable sending email over publishing a comment, please drop me a note at the following address:

My sincere gratitude in advance for your thoughts!


7 thoughts on “Questions for Female Readers

  1. Character!

    There is nothing more boring than one cardboard cutout whipping another.

    Who is the dominant? How has she come to her position? Why is her submissive obedient? Are they in love or is it all about the kink?

    Then, detail. What is she wearing? Which handbag does she carry? Vintage clothing or designer? Where does the action take place: a room has walls which have paint or paper. It has furniture and, perhaps, a rug. It is clean or dirty, sparse or cluttered.

    A sense of time. People lead lives and, even if you do not want to step backstage, there is a certain amount of the work of the world which intervenes between sessions.

    Goog writing is hard work but worth it. Looking forward to the book.

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  2. This probably isn’t quite what you’re looking for, but I look for believability when characters have sex. There needs to be a connection, a desire in place. I’m not the biggest fan of someone begging for sex from someone they don’t know. At all. The emotional attachment is the key. But, then again, that’s not exactly erotica. But specifically for BDSM, I don’t like to see it misrepresented and portrayed as abuse (i.e. Fifty Shades). I hope this helps.

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