Listing the Ways

The BDSM Lifestyle meme machine that is the internet depicts Dommes as actively denying submissives orgasms ‘forever’ and taking great pleasure in ‘locking males up and throwing away the key.’ While this can be dismissed as merely a cartoonish fantasy surrounding mean women, there’s a grain of truth to the depiction, but, personally, I’ve found it to be more untrue than factual. For example, V  rips orgasms out of me quite often.

It’s just that I cum on her terms, not mine.

But I should be clear – just because V  enjoys using, hurting, and pegging me until I climax, doesn’t mean the experience resembles the expectations of the average guy getting laid in a conventional sense. Once we add edging, milking, anal stretching, humiliation, and ruined orgasms to the equation the entire subject becomes far more complicated and harder to define.

That’s  fine by me as I’ve found the ‘D/s’ in BDSM tends to be practiced by people who enjoy thinking as much as they do screwing. So much so that the two are combined a great deal! That V is smart and introspective are traits I admire and adore. There are many other aspects of V  I adore, but her view on boys and sexual aggression is one that makes us obscenely compatible.That is, she finds ‘traditional male sexual aggression’ a turn off. Getting the right kind of attention means being sweet, compliant, and attentive. When I’m good, V is likely to use me more often than not, and it’s not like putting her in the mood is difficult: curl up in her lap, nuzzle her a bit, and a boy will soon find he’s being used. Another preference V has, which she’s confirmed is related to sexual aggression, is that she finds vaginal intercourse a bore and, generally, unappealing.

“Unless were talking Roman Reigns, or Terry Crews,” V mused, “Oh, or Channing Tatum!”

“Terry Crews?” I asked. “So if I was hung like a stallion, you’d want me to fuck you now-n-then?”

“That’s a stereotype.”

“Ma’am, I’ve yet to meet a black guy who cries himself to sleep over that particular stereotype,” I replied. “Anyway, please answer the question. Now I’m curious.”

“No – if you were hung like a porn star, it would just mean buying an extra-large cage for this,” she said, grasping my cock. “I find that kind of sex completely boring, and can get it whenever I want. In fact, boys who think they want to be dominated and fucked aren’t hard to come by.”

“But boys who crave the kind of things I’ve done…and want to do you? Boys who crave control and actually deserve to be owned,” she said gripping me hard enough to elicit a gasp,“You are a rare breed of slut.”

I had no response to this. Partly because I was blushing and glowing with pride, but also because V’s grasp now included my balls. Her grip on my junk tightening, she guided me into a kneeling position.

“Milked,” she said, “I’m going to drain these balls before fucking you.”

Given the fact my asshole was already well beaten and stretched, I couldn’t help but whine into the couch’s cushion when she yanked my knees apart and began to inspect and finger my sore boy cunt.

I love the way V handles me. She’s a tall, experienced, and strong woman who positions and manipulates my body with ease. Add to that the fact she’s damn near insatiable when it comes using me in devious, humiliating, pleasurable, and sadistic ways, and you have a woefully incomplete list of the traits which have me smitten.

Her wanting as much control as possible is certainly reflected in the ways she regulates orgasms. There are a number of variations and scenarios I’ve left out, but here’s a short, general list of  the ways she allows me to achieve climax:

Fucked with a Strapon –  Her strapon is not ‘massive’ – but it’s big enough that V has to stretch me before using it. Owning me with her strapon is her favorite way of making me cum. She loves the feeling of control while fucking me slow and deep until I finally orgasm. Sometimes, she’s sweet and will gently wrap me up while keeping me stuffed. Other times, she’ll continue with long, deep, strokes, ignoring my whining and pleas, relentlessly fucking me incoherent and raw.

Prostate Massager – The particular model V currently favors is mostly comprised of a thin rod, which terminates in a small bulb. This design allows her to deliver a good amount of pressure and vibration directly to my prostate. The vibe usually makes me come quite quickly. Of course everyone’s different, but I’m one of these ‘lucky’ boys who can cum again not long after. (If by cum you mean slowly leaking gobs of cum oozing out slow.) Luck being in quotes because that doesn’t mean she’s finished with my ass. Nope – V loves pushing me with that damned evil rod until I’m completely overstimulated and begging for her to stop.

Supervised Masturbation – As I’ve said before, I don’t enjoy masturbation unless supervised. Which is fortunate because V won’t allow me to touch myself unless she’s watching. And, of course, I must ask for and receive permission before I’m allowed to orgasm. Unsurprisingly, any pure ‘friction’ orgasm is often a ruined one. Also, she loves to find ways to maximize the humiliation factor. For example, having me jerk off into my own mouth. This way is a lot more efficient than being forced to eat the spunk she’s gathered on her fingertips but not nearly as fun.

Handjobs and Reverse Handjobs – It’s all about control, and receiving a hand job from an experienced Dominant is seldom a ‘quickie.’ After all, why would V waste the opportunity to edge, torture, humiliate, and then drive home the fact she’s ripping the pleasure from my body? Forced eye contact, slapping, requiring permission to cum, and, of course, continued stroking of my overstimulated cock is the norm. As for reverse handjobs -I’m a huge fan! I fucking love just how deliciously vulnerable the position leaves me. And the fact she has such immediate access to my hole is certainly a bonus for an ass slut like me.

And the moment I broke off describing above?

Well V did end up milking my balls flat before relentlessly fucking me well beyond delirious. When I finally came, it was almost painful. Lucky for me, V was in a gentle mood and was sweet about keeping me impaled and wrapping me up to get lost in her softness, her hand gently grasping my throat.

I can say with certainty, that if these are the general rules I have to follow – and this is a mere taste of how I’ll be used – then I could go the rest of my life quite happy without ever experiencing another ‘vanilla orgasm.’


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    1. a combination of not realizing i was holding my breath til i finished reading and complete agreement. thanks for the tingles 😉

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