Rougher, Meaner, and More – Much More

The clip begins: the shoot’s set in a stark white room with an examination table and a modern-looking recliner covered in plastic. The submissive is a wide-eyed blonde wearing a latex girdle, slave collar, and little else. She’s splayed out on an examination table, squirming and moaning under the hands of a female dominant clad in black latex. The Domme uses her fingers and what looks to be the pony of a Pyrex dildo to pry her victim’s mouth open wide. The Domme inspects her eager bottom’s mouth before allowing her to suck on the toy. Grasping the slut’s chin, she says, “I’m going to stick this in your ass.”


The clip jumps forward, the camera angle now looks up between the table’s stirrups, foregrounding the submissive’s holes, tracking her facial expressions as she’s fingered and toyed. After burying the Pyrex dildo in the sub’s ass, the Dominatrix fucks her with one hand while using the other to finger and rubs the girl’s cunt. Removing the dildo, the Domme places it against the girl’s lips. The submissive licks then sucks the shaft, deep throating the thick, glass cock fresh from her asshole. A moment between them as the Domme chokes the girl, locking eyes as the slut struggles relax her throat even as gloved fingers tighten around it.

“You’ve been such a bad girl.”

The sub chokes, drools, and suffers in breathless limbo.

“You know you’re paying for it.”

Shoving the girl back the dominatrix withdraws the dildo, then stuffs it back into the girl’s asshole with crude violence. She’s fucked harder and faster than the first time as the Domme uses the heel of her palm and full weight to press on the girl’s mons pubis. The sub sucks glass cock once again before a nanosecond of real intensity occurs – the Domme’s clearly holding back – as she smacks the bottom around before hauling her over to the plastic covered recliner.


Climbing into the recliner, the girl lays upside down, her shoulders on the seat, ass supported by the chair’s back, her legs spread wide. Fully exposed.

A huge, clear plug is produced and shoved into the girl’s asshole. The Dominatrix remarks she can see right into the submissive’s hole. The plug‘s withdrawn only to be stuffed in again – hard. The submissive cries out. The plastic squeaking each time she squirms.

Ordered to piss on herself, the submissive states she can’t unless she’s allowed to “put her fingers in her ass.”

With the plug removed, the girl stuffs two fingers into her own asshole and fucks herself as the Domme looks on. Moments later, piss begins squirting out. The slut opens wide moving her head from side to side in order to catch the early drops. Then it’s gushing. The Domme prying cunt lips open as jets of piss land on sluts face and into her open mouth. Eager to please, the submissive even gargles some before her asshole’s filled again, and she becomes lost in the sensation.


The clip jumps forward. The submissive’s forced to her knees next to the recliner, the dominatrix standing over and behind her. Using the submissive’s hair as a handle, the Domme shoves the slutty girl’s face into piss drenched plastic, relentlessly dragging her open mouth and nose across the slick surface as her sub attempts to lick it up like a good girl. The submissive’s makeup is now well smeared, her eyes watering as the Domme repeatedly shove her hand in the girl’s mouth before grasping her collar and locking eyes.

She tells the audience – “Look at this slut.”

She tells the submissive – “You’re a good girl.”

Having run for eight minutes, the clip’s nearly over. As this is a preview of the session, the scene jumps around. This was a warm up, and things will get a rougher further in. (we hope anyway) Cut scenes: the slut’s bent over the recliner as the Dominatrix locks her arms then finger fucks her; the Domme smacking and backhanding the girl just hard enough to jerk her head and elicit a pout – then a challenging smile that appears to be unoticed. Finally, the clip ends with the dominant delivering a few more smacks and walking away.

What’s Hot?

  • The submissive (Annie Schwarz) is a very eager little slut who takes everything she’s given with delightful squeals and eager obedience. She appears to be enjoying herself.
  • The Domme (Madame Adore) isn’t barking and states things in a matter-of-fact tone that’s prefect when topping a professional submissive as game as Schwarz. I seldom, if ever, find a Domme believable or appealing if she’s depicted as shouting throughout a scene. Also, a really severe sounding top would have completely undermined the ‘reality’ of just how eagerly this submissive responds to being used.
  • Schwarz takes the glass cock in both her ass and mouth like a champ. She’s totally game for more penetration, demands, and discipline – more of everything – than what’s meted out.
  • Schwarz peeing in her own mouth with enthusiasm is endearing, but the top grinding her face into it before delivering some verbal reminders as to who she is and what she loves is filthy, humiliating, and smoking hot.

What’s Not

  • I seldom look twice at BDSM shoots done with ‘glamour shot’ filters, glossy fetish gear, and sterile looking sets. Why? Well, part of it’s aesthetics, but it’s also because ‘that kind’ of shoot is seldom rough or raw enough. It’s more vibe than drive. In this case, Schwarz being such an enthusiastic little slut demands my attention.
  • The Dominatrix is WAY too easy on the submissive. Sadly, this makes the brief moments I can feel her holding back far more exciting than the half-assed smacks and backhands she delivers. Whether this was her choice or the director’s is something I’ll never know, but I find it annoying.
  • For me, the most frustratingly unsatisfying moment occurs halfway through: when ordered to pee on herself, Schwarz whines she needs to shove her fingers in her own ass to do so. And the Domme backs off!? Why the heel does she back off at the exact moment she should push the hardest? If the top had stuffed her own hand into the submissive’s asshole, then relentlessly fucked her until she pissed on herself as instructed, I would’ve been sold on the full-length version being worth a damn. Instead I feel like I’m channeling Russ Meyer’s sweating patrons at the go-go bar. Only to see the scene fizzle out.

Why This Clip?
It probably obvious, but the reason I’m into this clip is I love being treated in a similar fashion – albeit in a much more ruthless way. But it’s not about the outfits or even the actions, but the wanton sexuality, humiliation, objectification, and the challenge meeting cruelty with a submission and enthusiasm that begs for more.

It’s a kind of joust, in which I hope to lose.

I’ve watched this clip more than once, so obviously what’s hot about it outweighs what isn’t. Similar to the last time I broke down a clip, I find myself looking for moments of intensity when what actually occurs on the screen falls short.

Overall, I enjoy this clip for Schwarz’s performance, the few glimmers of raw sexuality that exist, and the potential for what ‘might have’ happened. And at some point I may buy the entire shoot to see if the Domme gets rougher as the session progresses, but I’m not sure I really want to.

There are many films where I’m quite content to see nothing more than the trailer instead of the finished product. Maybe I’m better off seeing nothing more than a fragment.

Maybe I’m better off with what I imagine occurs…

Want to watch this clip?
I received several emails from readers who wanted to see the video and were unaware the post contains links. The first two images link to a “free tube” website while the last image links to the full-length version and the producer’s website. Please know that I have ZERO financial interest in your visiting either site.


5 thoughts on “Rougher, Meaner, and More – Much More

    1. Hope you had a good day! Alas, I was unable to fulfill your request but hope to make up for it here in a few weeks. – I’ll happily dish all dem details 😉

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    1. Well thank you, em! Speaking of which, I need to take a break from my ‘serious’ work and put some more dirty stories up on here soon.

      And you…You write tasty smut. Hope to see you share some of yours!

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