When I began keeping this blog, it was intended for fiction and anonymous introspection. And because its genesis came about after a painful breakup, meeting someone was the last thing on my mind. But people reached out, Dominants reached out, and I’ll always be grateful to those who listened and provided counsel when I was so damn low.

One of those Dominants was V, who quickly got my attention, held it, and ended up collaring me. I’m a lucky boy to have been claimed by her.

House-RulesAlthough I’ve written about many of our significant moments together, I’ve always been careful not to identify who she was on the interwebs or otherwise. Why? For a number of reasons, but mostly because I’m a very private person (not to mention extremely paranoid), and, frankly, I didn’t want to share her digital identity.

We talked about this a few days ago, and V asked me for all the reasons I wanted to keep our real life connection off ‘mostly’ anonymous blogs. I wrote her an email explaining why, in much more detail than’s provided here, and she took my thoughts into careful consideration.

Then, last night, she sent me an email:

So I’ve been thinking, and I want to put on our blogs that you’re collared to me. The reasons you gave for preferring to keep it off the blogs are valid, and legitimate, while the only reason I can give for wanting it on the blogs is “because I want to.” But it bothers me, and I want to be able to tell the world that you’re mine.

Q – How does a collared boy argue with a statement like that?
A – He Doesn’t. He says, “Yes, Ma’am,” and then does as he’s told.

I’m very proud to be her boy, and she writes lovely things about me on her blog, which can be found here. On that blog, she refers to me as Steel. (So now our pseudonyms have pseudonyms!)

I’m pleased she straight-up told me the lack of being identified bothered her, put her foot down, and then instructed me what to do. After all, that’s kind of what an inherently unfair dynamic is all about.

So now she’s happy, and knowing that makes me glow.

I’ll be seeing her again in approximately two months…Am I looking forward to be curled up on her lap and under her thumb?



5 thoughts on “Steel

  1. Delicious. You are one hell of a lucky boy, as I’ve been nothing but impressed by her, repeatedly. That she had you reveal the connection made my heart do a little leap of joy for you both. Having experienced a little of your intellects and personalities through this medium, I can only say… wow. The meshing of those must be intense and spark producing, to say the least.

    Just. Yum.

    Oh… to be a fly on the wall. 💕💋🎶😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I’m a very lucky boy, and I know it. (But I should always stay mindful of it) And, yeah, when referring to our dynamic, ‘intense’ certainly gestures toward the right word.

      As for being a fly on the wall…Personally, I’d rather have you watching from a nearby chair.

      Thank you for the sweet comments, em.

      Liked by 1 person

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