Claire Adams & Compatibility

Sometimes the most unlikely  of preferences cause me to connect to a Dominant. But some shared tastes speak volumes. And while V and I found we were obscenely compatible early on, one of the more unexpected moments arrived upon discovering we both admired a certain porn star – Claire Adams.

One might scoff at the idea of shared taste in adult film stars as being significant, but if you’re familiar with Claire Adams’ work, then it’s a good bet you understand where I’m coming from. For those who don’t, I’m happy to explain.


I’ve watched my share of BDSM porn, and a large portion of it causes amusement, repulsion, or fascination. That is, I’m fascinated there’s actually a paying audience for most of the crap out there. But from the moment I discovered her films, Claire Adams held my rapt attention.

Why? A large part of Claire Adam’s appeal is the energy she brings to a scene. She radiates a calm confidence and poised expertise while performing cruel, sadistic, and degrading acts on eager submissives. Adams has been in a lot of films, and, as one would expect, some are much better than others. But I’ve yet to find a scene where she’s anything besides focused and precise when playing with submissive’s body and mind. This polished, cruel, yet sensual persona is only enhanced by her voice.

No barking, or screaming or disgusted disdain – Claire Adams has a soft-spoken and matter-of-fact tone in most scenes and damn near purrs when she’s having fun.  And it’s quite obvious when she’s having fun because her voice is warm, and she’s either smiling or grinning and will tell a sub outright she’s enjoying them. When there’s real chemistry on the set, she’ll often lean in and hum along with a subs keening moan in a moment of empathy at the pleasure or pain they’re experiencing. For someone as auditory as I am, both the sound and tone of her voice is serious turn on.


Most films out there are weak sauce compared to what I want. However, there are a few sites which come close to the rawness that get’s my motor running. In my humble opinion,  the shoots where  Adams excels are when she’s dominating another woman. For whatever reason, I tend to prefer watching female tops using other women, the harder the better. This is actually a point where V and I have differing tastes as she loves watching boys getting abused (imagine that!) but is, generally, underwhelmed by F/f action.

But our differences aren’t whats important. What’s important is this – when the topic of adult film stars came up, the first one she mentioned was Claire Adams. I was both surprised and happy to hear this because I’d been singing her praises for years, and found most women didn’t share my views. But when asked to name a porn star that ‘does it for them,’ V named my favorite straight away.

Is a shared taste in porn really all that important? Hell no. It’s quite a subjective form of entertainment, and I can relate to those who have vastly different tastes or even despise the medium.  As long as someone isn’t hating on my preferences, what do I care? But remembering how V named the same performer I was thinking of still makes me smile.

Ultimately, this was a brief and trivial conversation among more important ones, but knowing V’s preference certainly affected me. Because knowing which performer  V admired and why told me ‘something’ about the way she was likely to approach and operate in session and, to some degree,  the day-to-day of things. It wasn’t a certainty. It was a hint. That hint turned out to be pretty much dead on except for one difference.

V is exponentially sexier, has more empathy, and is both more sensual and sadistic than any Domme I’ve been with. She’s amazing, and what we’re involved in isn’t the production of canned sessions for consumption but a lifestyle relationship. Of course, even if I did have am opportunity to session with Miss Claire, she wouldn’t know me the way V does – the way only someone who owns a submissive knows them.

That being said, if the opportunity arose, this boy wouldn’t be upset if he was loaned out to Miss Claire Adams for a few hours.

I’m quite sure V would have a great time watching that show.

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