Tracking the Dirty Work

Writing a synopsis for a dirty story might not sound difficult, but crafting the perfect little teaser has never come easy to me. Optimally, as synopsis should be fifty-words that encapsulate almost the entire piece while leaving out just enough to intrigue a reader. Getting this right is a task I’ve always found challenging. Oddly enough, forcing myself to write a synopsis before a story’s finished often helps me to figure out what the hell I’m ‘actually’ doing.

A weird way to work…I know, but often it helps.

Oh, and I’m using the space to keep running word counts and updates on project ideas and goals.


The biggest obstacle to churning out my smutty projects is the number of ‘straight’ projects I’ve got cooking. Work on this little novella keeps slipping through the cracks. Knowing the progress log is here will bug me to squeeze writing in where I can until it’s finished.

Anyway, I’m sure many readers have no interest in following the process. Those who do can check back as they please.

Work in Progress

12/18/16 – Novella Project – a fragment of which is published HERE

Working Title:
Broken, Trained, and Made

Working Synopsis:
A boy responds to a personal and gets much more than he bargained for. I’m thinking this will end up as a stylized piece about consumerism and ‘stuffing holes’ – because why not? (will update this oon)

Current draft word count: 2000
Target draft word count: 8 to 10,000 word novella
Update Target: Finished roughest draft by February

Longish Short Story Project

Working Title:
No Idea

Working Synopsis:
After an argument with a client almost loses her six-months work, Kelly is furious with her submissive. Confronting him in the parking lot immediately outside the restaurant, she extracts an admission of guilt an decides to give him  humiliating and painful punishment she can think of right there on the spot. Unfortunately for Mathew, Kelly’s a creative and sadistic Domme who’s hungry to see him cry

Current draft word count: 4,000 12/18/16

Leaving this up to track progress and work on at as I feel necessary. If you have any questions or comments, Please feel free to email me: