Bound – Objectified – and Raw as Fuck

The vast majority of Femdomme porn is targeted at male viewers. One presumes the folks creating and marketing this material would know what their audience wants. So either I’m in the minority, or smut peddlers are out of touch with a segment of their market.

Because, apparently, a large percentage of male viewers don’t want to see themselves trussed up, stuffed, and objectified. Instead, most of the shots are concentrated on a some kind of stereotypical Domme, often grasping a single-tail whip that would shred skin like rice paper. Well, that or there’s like a gazillion pics/movies where a woman straps on a dildo, and then thrusts into a squirming bottom repeatedly until the obligatory reach around. 

Maybe it’s purely a point of view thing?  Maybe ‘most guys’ with these fantasies want to see their sexy/cruel Domme at the best angle?

I don’t know, but at this point, most of it’s fairly tedious and played out.

Recently, I’ve seen several images posted by Miss Pearl and others on twitter accompanied by comments asking why there aren’t more shoots where  submissive boy’s are properly displayed. Of course, the easy answer’s in my opening sentence: it’s the market, stupid. However true this may be, I’m hopeful there’ll be a shift in demand and soon. Because the pics that seem to appeal to many female dominants are often more erotic and raw than the industry’s standard fare. By way of example, take the pic below:


I have no way of knowing what ‘most’ dominant women would think of this image. I can only vouch for the number of likes and comments it got on tumbler and twitter. And I can’t speak for other men and their preferences. However, as a ‘heterosexual’ submissive male, I find this picture hot. Why? Because I love the idea of being bound, objectified, and used by dominant women. In that context, what’s not to love about this photo? I crave to feel this kind of vulnerability and helplessness. So when viewing this, I don’t see the boy and lust for him. Instead, I transpose myself into the scenario – and then the image becomes erotic. And if a ‘straight’ submissive male such as myself finds this pic hot, then any gay or bisexual viewers will simply get that much more of a kick out of it right? Like, get with the program, porn producers because the ratio of shots like this to the schlock out there is abysmal

If I have any criticism of the F/m pics out it’s this: most of the shots are not raw enough.

In fact, the majority of the shots I stumble across that are as rough and raw as I’m looking for often originate on websites whose target audience is gay. This leads me to wonder: how many Dommes actually cruise websites designed to cater to gay men for eye candy instead of the other channels available? If you’re searching for pictures of submissive boys in distress, these sites are more likely to have what you want. For example, here’s a pic of some extreme corner time:


This pic ‘originally’  came from Slave Master Thompson’s tumblr page. Yet it ended up in my feed and was subsequently reblogged many times by those looking for images that feature F/m BDSM. While I’m grateful these shots exist and could give a flying fuck they were published on a gay tumblr, I do wish more of it was produced for the audience which, apparently, wants it.

Some of us happen to have Y chromosomes and some don’t.

Just to be clear, I’m not making  some kind of half-assed pseudo-feminist argument which demands boys be objectified more and women less or anything remotely smacking of politics. The only politics I care about are those of Fuck: please note, lower-case ‘p’ for politics and a capital ‘F’ in Fuck.

If I could accomplish anything, it would be to find more of the smut I want. Those rare pics where a woman is present (or not) and boy’s depicted as bound, weeping, humiliated, exposed, stuffed, delirious, bruised, fucked raw, objectified, and beaten into a dripping wet puddle.

Feel free to pick several from that list and mix and match as necessary – rinse and repeat.

Seeing as you’ve read this far, please enjoy this random piece of candy. If you want more, I happen to have a big stash over on tumblr. ( Then again…who doesn’t these days?)



Photo Credits – all images from tumblr



19 thoughts on “Bound – Objectified – and Raw as Fuck

  1. I know I’m pretty far back on your blog, but I wanted to see if you agreed. Do you think it’s because people assume women couldn’t be so sadistic? Although, that thought confuses me as well, because I always heard girls were worst than boys when it came to bullying in high school… I don’t know, this was just a thought.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure what smut peddlers are thinking. But anyone who assumes women “couldn’t be so sadistic,” clearly, doesn’t know women.

      Glad to see someone is reading this far back, and thanks for the comment!


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