What’s Not to Love?

Being Put in My Place:
I do my best to be well-mannered and well-behaved, but I’m only human. Sometimes I’ll take the wrong tone or might be a smart ass when the occasion doesn’t suit. (For the record, being a sarcastic smartass is my default mode with almost everyone besides my Domme with few exceptions.) So when my behavior or attitude’s clearly out of line, I appreciate and thrive under abrupt reminders of my position.

  • In private, a few sharp words, a smack, or the invasion of my personal space have an immediate effect.
  • In public, a look, quiet word, or a light tug on the back of my collar are sufficient cues as I’m hyper aware things could get very rough for me the moment we’ve left the public eye.

As a submissive, I enjoy being subordinate to my Dominant in the day-to-day of things. I love the fact she’ll make most minor decisions without consulting me and has the final say in nearly every major one. By keeping me in line, my Dominant demonstrates she cares about me and the dynamic enough to maintain it. Additionally, putting me in my place is an abrupt reminder and affirmation that she’s in control. Of course, it’s imperative I be mindful and maintain a submissive attitude whenever possible. But when I fuck up, being reminded her hand rests on the nape of my neck makes this boy happy.


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