On Obedience and Submission

What’s Not to Love? – (2) – Obedience

Being an Obedient Boy:
Submission and obedience are synonyms. But submission can feel like a game until compelled to submit to instructions you intensely dislike. I don’t mean something trivial, like being sent back for the third time to select yet another shirt, or re-blacking boots when they already shine. No, I mean willfully obeying both the letter and spirit of her law.

For example, say you’ve promised to disclose all of your thoughts and feelings. But then you find yourself struggling with several which might cause your Dominant to be displeased. In fact, once you tell her, she might be hurt or angry.

This brings up a question:

If she’ll never know what you don’t disclose, why would you tell her?

Because it’s a rule you’ve promised to follow. Each time you keep your promise, your Domme is empowered. Each time a rule is willfully ignored, the relationship is weakened. Unlike many other kinds of relationships, D/s is an explicitly unfair dynamic that relies on the power of rules. When rules are obeyed and enforced, the dynamic between a Dominant and submissive is powerful and intense; when they aren’t, it weakens, falters, and fades. So if obedience doesn’t bring you happiness, then don’t engage in this kind of relationship.

  • Obedience makes me happy because I’m invested in making sure my Domme maintains control.
  • Obedience is fealty: each time I choose submission, I prove myself worthy of her collar.

All of this makes me sound full of myself, so let me hasten to say, I’m far from perfect. What’s articulated above is an ideal. Anyone who claims they’re capable of always living up their ideals, is either completely full of shit or has meager ideals to live up to. No – I’m just a submissive boy who sees obedience as something to consistently strive for. After all, being obedient empowers my Domme, and what’s not to love about that?



4 thoughts on “On Obedience and Submission

  1. One of the hardest things for many subs to do is to disclose everything to their Dom…and to follow rule(s) even when the Dom is unaware. An experienced sub has a lot of self-discipline that is not dependent on the Dom’s supervision.

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