Like a Bad Girl Should

Write Slut Playlist – 10
The Cramps – Like a Bad Girl Should

It’s hardly a secret I love The Cramps, and their music consistently inspires me to write smutty fiction. But every so often, I ‘rediscover’ Lux and Ivy’s antics on video and will be reminded why they are the sexiest couple in Punk Rock. Poison Ivy’s public persona was that of a smoking-hot Dominatrix who sneered through guitar solos long before it  was remotely acceptable to do so. And if you think she was insulated by rock stardom, think again.

Of course, we live in a time when many Dominant women are struggling to break away from the stereotype of the ‘Cruel Domme’ which permeates our culture. While I empathize and support these efforts, this act has the street cred to get a pass. The Cramps were rocking far outside the margins as early as 1976. They didn’t give one-quarter of a fuck what square society thought of them. Instead, they celebrated hyper-stylized outlaw and subversive archetypes in American Culture. That is to say, they actually preformed as cartoons of themselves with a wink and nod.

A Domme annoyed by the way Poison Ivy’s constructed is like a biologist being annoyed with depictions of Dr. Frankenstein or, for that matter, a male submissive angered at being stereotyped because Lux Interior often took the stage in panties and high heels. Eh…who has the time for prudes and politically correct squares?

Every Cramps gig I ever made was spectacle, one of mayhem and debauchery. They put on one hell of a show and were a blast to party with. Those memories, rhythms, and beats will forever run through my prose.

“Like a Bad Girl Should”

I love your ass, for bad or worse
I love your nasty way you curse
When you sit down, it’s wild how you sit
Grind your heel in the ground, the groovy way you spit

Ooh you look good
Ooh you smell good
Ooh you taste good
Like a bad girl should

When I need love, I love how you feel
When I need dough, I love how you steal
I love your sick way you think
The way your perfume makes you stink

Ooh you look good
Ooh you smell good
Ooh you taste good
Like a bad girl should

I love your boots, your fancy clothes
Your boufant hair, your pantyhose
I blow a gasket for your pink jellybean
Your picnic basket splits my spleen


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