Congratulations: Molly’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers – 2016

Molly's Daily Kiss Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2016

Congratulations to all the bloggers included by Molly’s Daily Kiss as the Top 100 Sex Blogs of 2016! You’ll find all of this year’s winners here. Below are several writers I (and others) nominated that made the cut!

Domina Jen: Everyday Life As a Domina – Few readers will be surprised to learn I closely follow Jen’s blog. (I wear her collar after all.) Personal bias aside, a multitude of readers frequent the blog because Jen’s got the street cred to write with conviction and authority. She’s incredibly experienced, down-to-earth, and hyper-intelligent – not to mention a damn fine writer. Over the years, she’s cultivated a remarkable collection of personal anecdotes, relationship advice, and little bit of just about everything you expect from a blog focused on Female Led Relationships and Lifestyle BDSM. An active lifestyle Dominant, Jen often publishes the delicious details of her (seemingly) weekly adventures in posts which are as sexy  as they are wildly entertaining. If you’re reading my blog, I’m fairly sure you’re reading hers. If not, you’ve been missing out!

Domme Chronicles: on Being a Dominant Woman – Ferns’s site took top honors on Molly’s List this year. Domme Chronicles has been an amazing resource for years, so it’s awesome that the site came in first for 2016. Possessing a distinctively sparse yet elegant prose style, Ferns is consistently engaging, examines her life with unflinching honesty, and happens to write smoking-hot erotica. Oh, and she regularly releases audio content as well! Her well-designed website is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and chock-full of substantive content. On a personal note, it’s gratifying to see Ferns get (more) props like this as I’ve been reading her work since around the time she began journaling at that particular domain. Congratulations to her, and I’m looking forward to reading more in the years to come!

Miss Pearl – Similar to other blogs here, Miss Pearl’s site features erotica, opinion pieces, and advice on how-to (or how NOT-to) deal with D/s lifestyle issues. A prolific writer, her archives contain a lot of writing on a broad range of topics. Possessing a unique sweet-yet-sarcastic voice, Miss pearl is a rather ‘political’ writer and doesn’t back off of when engaged in  championing a cause she’s passionate about. Unsurprisingly, readers will find entries on hot-button topics that make for provocative reading. But there’s plenty of heat in the published erotica, just as wisdom abides in many of her advice entries. And then there’s the live streams. No, it’s not ‘cam-girls-gone-wild live streaming; instead, Miss Pearl streams herself as she prepares for bed, chatting with readers while flirting with the camera: a sexy and snarky good time! I’ve only ever caught the recordings, but it’s great fun to watch/listen as she demolishes trolls while winking at the audience.

Temperature’s Rising – Mrs. Fever brings her own quirky and whimsical brand of sexy blogging to the interwebs; she might post an erotic anecdote one week followed by ruminations on Christmas or lyrical self reflective essay the next. Of all the sites listed here, this particular author is one of smartest in term of raw intellect. But one might esily underestimate Mrs. Fever as she’s doesn’t beat readers to death with her intelligence quotient. But this author is able to drill directly to the heart of a topic with indomitable intellectual and emotional intelligence. Oh, and she can be funny too! Not to mention alluring…Damn…I just kinda’ made Mrs. Fever sound tepid when she most certainty is hot stuff. Anyway, ignore this while I fix it, and go, read, and enjoy. You’ll not be disappointed.

The Chaste Cyclist – A male submissive, the Chaste Cyclist journals about the nuts-n-bolts of male chastity as well as the frustrations and satisfaction he experiences from being teased, denied, and kept caged. TCC keeps a blog that’s deeply personal and often touching as he chronicles his domestic adventures as a locked-up husband in wife-led marriage alongside posts about his family’s ongoing struggles with addiction. Overall, a solid and often sexy blog that entertains, informs, and exists as a terrific resource for readers interested in male chastity and Female Led Relationships.

Steeled Snake – Steeled Charmer and Steeled Snake are a FLR lifestyle couple who celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this year! Well written, insightful, and often funny, the sheer amount of personal photos these two publish certainly sets their blog apart from the rest. But the photos aren’t just eye candy. Instead they serve as a supplement to excellent stories and personal reflection. In short, Snake and Charmer consistently (and prolifically) produce excellent content you should definitely check out.

I think that covers all the writers I follow who won this year. If you know of a FLR or D/s website or blog I should be reading but isn’t yet listed on the Websites and Resources Page, please drop me a link to explore in the comments section.


4 thoughts on “Congratulations: Molly’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers – 2016

    1. Thank you for cultivating such an awesome blog! I sense ‘interesting’ here means the same thing as when I say it after tasting a casserole at a potluck…Can’t claim I was fully satisfied with my description. Of course, I’m hardly ever pleased with my writing, but that’s par for the putt-putt course. But getting down a precise description of what you do over there at Chez fièvre was a challenge. Wouldn’t be surprised if I revise this post ten times.

      Writing: it’s not a fine art; it’s merely an artistic outlet for those plagued by OCD 🙂

      Unless you happen to be Dan Brown…That guy calls it a day after jotting down whatever adverb-laden cliches stumble through his feeble mind.

      I digress…Anyway, thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Ma’am (I blushed before writing this by the way)…Maybe you’re right about the subconscious name-dropping frenzy. It wasn’t conscious, but it was a tad excessive…

      By the way, I ADORE not being allowed to say your name. Just saying!

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