That time Buzzfeed Deleted Everything and Canceled My Account

This morning I went to check on the stats of a Buzzfeed post created the night before and found this saucer-eyed kitten waiting for me instead.

Thinking I’d made a mistake with the link or something, I tried logging into my account and found I couldn’t. The content and my account had both been been deleted.

What the fuck?

I know what you’re thinking: Dude, what the hell were you doing on Buzzfeed? I mean, really?

Well it’s not exactly the aesthetic of this here blog, but I can certainly change the look and tone of my content to suit a particular audience. Ain’t nothing but a thang.

Here’s where you get that haughty look before asking: “You were posting porn right? You went and published some kind of dirty story where a guy gets humiliated and beaten before being sodomized with a plunger?”

So you’re a fan?

No having the content meestir....
Look at the size of those kitten eyes! It’s innocent, harmless, and all of it’s clearly your fault.

No, it wasn’t erotica or anything that could be remotely called porn. It was a ‘safe’ advice post for submissives approaching dominant women on alternative dating sites. The article addressed some of common myths about the Domme to sub ratio, what not to say in an email, and things of that nature. Some of of the piece related to this post, and the article was linked, but the rest was custom content.

My first thought was that it might have been inappropriate in some way. Maybe readers perusing weight loss trends and celebrity hi-jinks were offended? A quick search of Buzzfeed articles nixed this theory.

Searching the term BDSM, the first result was titled, “16 BDSM Sex Stories That Went Hilariously Wrong.” This was community stories compiled by a Buzzfeed staffer, which began with an old chestnut, ‘the buttplug that got away;’ this was followed by the graphic account of cinnamon candle play resulting in scorched lady bits. (Ouch!) – So if it wasn’t prudish community members or a puritanical staffer, why was my content deleted?

I don’t know.

After reviewing the site’s TOS agreement, community guidelines and finding no ‘Branding’ violations, I sent a polite email. I’ve yet to receive a response.

If anything, the infraction’s likely a noticeable lack of Clay Aiken gifs. Because I know it wasn’t an intellectual property issue. I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty fucking sure an 18th century Hogarth print is well out of copyright and in the public domain.

Update – still no response from Buzzfeed, but Declan Heyse over at Kinkster of a Certain Age was inspired to cook up some comic femdom headlines for your reading enjoyment.


11 thoughts on “That time Buzzfeed Deleted Everything and Canceled My Account

  1. they just did it to me too!!! I had an interview with MC Hammer and a couple of other pieces… all gone… this is on top of issues I am having with Huff Post!! Really! I am not even getting paid for these posts…
    please let me know if you hear anything

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  2. Well no, one shouldn’t get nuked without at least getting notified, but in grappling fruitlessly (for months) I discovered today that neither WordPress nor Gravatar actually has direct support at all. Could have been a glitch or one, asshole dude, I’m not saying it’s right but I can only assume the sheer volume of data, no I mean people, that they are managing is stymie-ing. I’ll inquire and let you know if I hear back.

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    1. Ha! (I sincerely doubt I said a single thing you didn’t already know.) Seeing as I never heard back from them, I’m not going to put up more content to be deleted. So I think I’m going to take a page from Mr. Heyse…we’ll see 🙂


    2. Oh? The plot thickens. Yes, please do! I’d love to know why they nuked the content and account without any kind of communication. Of course, you shouldn’t have to know an ‘insider’ to get this kind of info. Because if it was a mistake or oversight on my part, telling a motherfucker what not to do is good policy.

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