Weapon of Choice

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” ~ Jack London

I just haven’t been feeling it this last week. When I sit down to write, there are no images, emotions, or ideas compelling me to work. Nothing. Nada. Nunco. Knowing ideas are a writer’s cheapest commodity, it’s been frustrating.

Because I’m certain there’s no such thing as writer’s block, this is as temporary as it is annoying. This too shall pass.  But to hurry things along, I’ve developed rituals and exercises to get the creative lubricant moving. (Why the’re not effective at the moment is anther story.)

But I’m curious: what do you do?

What do you do when your writing is stale and stalled out? When you decide to go Jack London on a piece, and go hunting for inspiration, do you have a “go-to club” that gets the job done?

Mine’s usually music.

What’s yours?


8 thoughts on “Weapon of Choice

  1. I just start writing. I’m not feeling it. I start writing. I pick a word and write about that. Eventually that leads to something. But even if it leads nowhere, it at least, gets some of the cobwebs out.

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  2. I use the Phillip Dick method (minus the meth) where I have several things going at once so if something stalls I just move over to the next typewriter, so to speak. If all writing feels meh, I pivot to something low-stakes. I garden, rearrange the furniture. Set up goals I can easily accomplish in a day. or i just get the fuck out of the house, try and, you know, talk to people.

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    1. You invoked PKD, and I became concerned that you called the FBI to rat your friends out and/or the police when your cocaine got stolen. Glad to hear it’s just musical typewriters 🙂

      “Out of the house”…hmmm…I’m not quite ready for that…

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  3. Blog-wise, if I’m not feelin’ it, I just don’t do it. But if I want to challenge myself to tackle new things, or to make seemingly mundane things sexy, I like prompts for that. And if there is something I’m processing relationship-wise but can’t quite put in writing, I go through my photos to help put me ‘back there’ so to speak.

    Text conversations and emails sometimes remind me of things I’ve been meaning to address or give me humorous/educational/erotic topics to work with. Likewise, recent everyday type experiences, like the sign I saw while driving past a spa that said, “Moms love facials.” Guh!

    Movie scenes, books, artwork, and music can all inspire ideas. Also my natural surroundings (water, woods, mountains, sky, flowers) and my artifical surroundings (texture, color, fabric, material – in any representation, from shoes to ceilings).

    And then, of course, there is the cat. 😉 Thousands of stories in one little cracked-out-on-catnip ball of fur. 😀

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    1. “Moms love facials.” – this made me spew water onto my keyboard.

      Thank you for sharing some of what you use to light a creative fire. As far as I’m concerned, that particular list can never be too long.

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