Been There, Done That, More Please

It’s a hackneyed fantasy: a hot, dominant woman runs the office and the direct superior of a submissive guy. At some point, the guy fucks up and reports to be reprimanded. But instead of getting chewed out or fired, he receives a different kind of punishment.

In some versions of the story, the submissive is ‘the boss’ when the tables are turned. In others, he’s a model employee who’s blackmailed and enslaved. The list of variable seems endless endless, but this kind of narrative seems to be even more prevalent in a time when many folks toil in some kind of workplace more hours than they’re home.

But what if it happened in real life?

I suppose, depending on the circumstances, it might be hot, terrifying, or traumatizing. But I got to thinking about a more-realistic version of this on-the-job dynamic, and how it happened to me.

Managers agree - an office boy who is disciplined regularly makes better coffeeOh, don’t give me that judgy face!

Yes, I know this kind of behavior is unethical, and the fantasy version  of this dynamic’s often made hotter because it’s non-consensual.

It just so happens, I don’t give a fuck.

Anyway – the situation I’m talking about was ‘technically’ unethical, but it certainly was consensual. While I’d love to dish the details, doing so would be a betrayal. But a general outline of the scenario is not.

At some point in the past, I was professionally subordinate to a woman who became my Domme.

All the details can be found in my fiction where they’ve been aggrandized and distorted for obvious reasons. Honestly, while I was happy and acutely aware of just how awesome this situation was, I could have made more of it. I could have been a better submissive as well.

But that’s the last I’ll say about those particular events…today anyway…

Aside from being a cunt tease, the reason for this entry was to act as a kind of memo to myself.

Should this kind of situation arise again – don’t hold your breath – revel in it bitch. If by some bizarre oh-so-motherfucking-lucky break you get a second chance to live out a version of this scenario, do it right!

Image source: reblog from the Tumblr account of subofme


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