Please and Thank You

Please take control until I’m free
to simply be.

Please lead, assured I’ll follow
your direction as imperatives to obey.

Please impale me with need; sink
the hooks deep, then deeper until
thrashing me over the barb. Please stay
to savor each whimper and whine
before relenting to brush your lips
across the same teared streak,
which slaked your thirst. 

Please keep me burning, needy, aching
as dependent as you can handle
as obsessed as you dare.

Because I’m hungry for your darkness, use
that knowledge to burn me. Relentless
with pleasure as you are ruthless
with every tool you possess
until I crack.

Please abuse and objectify my flesh
until I’m soft enough to be devoured.
Please hurt, stretch, and break open
what’s hidden – then do so again
until there’s nothing to discover.

Please claim and possess me. Please use
what’s given gladly until what’s unfair is
transmuted into something precious:

If you love me – please do all of this and more.
Sure in the knowledge I will kneel
to thank you.



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