An Accommodating Mind

I’ve been working around this Indian guy and his speech patterns and accent have worked their way into my cerebral cortex. All evening long, my inner voice has sing-song bounced along neural pathways, replete with preposition-jammed-into-verb clauses that make my head hurt.

Nice guy – but fuck if this isn’t an annoying ear worm.

What makes it worse is this: early in life, I moved so often that I ‘accommodate’ quicker than your average bear. I used to call myself a chameleon because of this tendency. However, over the years, different slang terms and dialects managed to stow themselves away below decks only to emerge at inappropriate times.

As a result, I stick out even more.

Which made watching True Facts about the Chameleon both funny and painful. Believing I blend in when, really, I’m as camouflaged as a clown. Yep – there’s an apt metaphor. A freak with an amazingly-talented tongue who sucks at fading into the scenery.

Anyway, these days I’m applying for jobs, revising resumes, etc. And because of my workmate, each action-verb laden sentence ‘mentally sounds’ like a bad Apu impersonation. A really bad one.

I was hopeful about banging out some smut tomorrow, but if my thoughts sound the same…Hey! That just might be the linguistic equivalent of tossing one off lefty!

Hrmmm…I am now thinking this might be a very good idea, indeed.


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