Good Example – Part 2

“There you are!”

Looking up from the table, Greg found Lydia stood at the kitchen entrance, hands on hips, and smirking at his obvious distress.

“Why on earth are you hiding in here?”

Thankfully, it was a question she had no real interest in hearing the answer to. Lydia knew exactly what kind of conflicted feelings churned inside him, how he was both aroused and nervous. She knew just how anxious he was and loved it. Bossing him around, humiliating him, hurting him, all of it turned her on. Of course, no one outside the home would ever guess how sadistic she was behind closed doors.

Outsiders only saw what she wanted them to see: an attractive, yet ordinary-looking professional with chestnut hair, dark cinnamon eyes, and a warm smile. An accountant by trade, Lydia favored business casual attire, attended Rotary functions, and was in church each Sunday. The closest thing she had to a vice was a compulsion to buy exotic teas from mail-order catalogs. No one would imagine the same diminutive brunette who volunteered her time and energy to multiple charities possessed such a voracious appetite for humiliation and a creatively sadistic penchant for keeping her husband obedient.

“Come on,” she said, “I want to show you to my new friend.”

That Lydia was positively gleeful meant her mind was teeming with ideas. Mouth dry, Greg rose quickly to follow when she started back toward the living room. There, Patricia and another woman, a blonde, were sprawled on the couch chatting. But as Lydia marched her husband in – naked, collared, and caged – conversation trailed off.

Patricia lay back on the couch looking slightly bored. She was quite used to seeing Greg in situations far more compromised than this. A conservative dresser with frosted hair and steel-gray eyes, Patricia was heavily invested in a wife-led household.  Equally as domineering and sadistic as Lydia, Patricia ruled her home with a sharp tongue and what could only be summed up as a lust for caning and compliance. Yet where Lydia could be gentle and loving, Patricia was perpetually harsh. Craig didn’t like either Patricia or her doormat of a husband. But because her friendship with Lydia meant   rivalry and sadistic one-upmanship, he’d become a careful student of the woman’s mood. Under the bored looking facade, Greg could sense she was amused. In contrast, the younger blonde sitting next to her leaned forward to study him with unabashed curiosity.

A larger woman, the blonde wore a blue dress, dark nylons, and sensible heels.

“Susan this blushing little bitch is my hubby.” Lydia said as she plopped into the love seat, “His name’s Greg, but for today feel free to call him, boy.”

Kneeling beside his wife, Greg kept his eyes down and hands clasped behind his back. Lydia had said nothing about protocol, but it was better to be safe than beaten.

“He seems quite obedient,” Susan said. “I’d love to get mine behaving.”

“Really, there’s nothing to keeping a boy well-behaved,” Lydia said. “That is, once they’ve learned the price of disobedience. However, displeasing you is one thing, keeping him eager to please is another. Do you have your hubby locked in chastity?”

Susan shook her head no.

“Well that’s key,” Lydia said, Don’t you agree Pat?”

“Absolutely,” Patricia said. “Men think with their dicks even when caged. But if they’re locked down, at least you have control.”

“Not all of them think with their dicks,” Lydia replied, toying with the back of Greg’s collar. “After a while, a good boy can learn to put his wife first. It just takes time.”

As she said this Greg flushed with pride and glowed even more when he saw just how annoyed Patricia was. He was buzzing with that subby ache and almost allowed himself to get lost in it when he realized Lydia had produced they key to his chastity cage. She was about to release him. He hadn’t been out in seven days, and kneeling there like this was already turning him on. The idea of how evident his arousal would be once he was unlocked made him lightheaded.

The other women watched as Lydia pulled the steel cage off his cock, then removed the pins and ring from behind his nuts. During this process, she spared him a brief glance, and Greg silently pleaded with his eyes for her to stop. A knowing smile, and then the device was off and she was setting the pieces aside. Keeping his head down, Greg closed his eyes but knew the women were watching. He tried to use sheer willpower to keep his pounding heart from pumping that treacherous blood down to betray him. Now hyper aware of the coolness of the room, his bare flesh, the heat of his face, and the humiliating fact none of the women spoke, but merely watched as he struggled to maintain his composure.  He had no control of the fact he was already semi-hard, and that thought shamed him even as his cock lifted slightly with each beat of his heart.

“There now,” Lydia said, “It looks like Greg’s excited to help”

The other women laughed as Lydia scooped the dismantled cage up and went in the other room. He kept his eyes down and hands locked, wondering what she meant by help.

“He really is a good boy,” Lydia said returning with several items rolled up in a towel. “But you need practice with handling one who’s disobedient. So Greg will be your whipping boy for the day.”

“Lovely…” Susan said.

“You said you dated your hubby for a while, and he signed on for the wife led marriage,” Lydia said. “But not everyone believes in discipline. Have you ever spanked a boy? Have you ever spanked your husband?

“Oh, I’ve spanked a bottom or two,”  Susan replied, then chuckled before continuing, “But no, I haven’t ever really spanked him…And it has been a while. I certainly don’t mind practicing.”

“Well then,” Lydia said. “Why don’t we begin with a good old-fashioned bare-bottom spanking.”

(To be continued…)

If you enjoyed this and want more, give “Lucky Day” a read while waiting for the next installment.


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