“Do not ask who I am, and do not ask me to remain the same. More than one person, doubtless like me, writes in order to have no face.” ~ Michel Foucault

When I began this blog, the intention  was for it to be nothing but erotica and fictional/experimental essays. At that time, Foucault’s quote and the piece below combined were the perfect manifesto. Anything added would have been superfluous.

Then things got real.

I was talking about my experiences, breakups, relationships, and yet still writing the occasional piece of smut. Now this blog has evolved into a much more complicated space than I ever intended or anticipated. Providing readers with more information only seemed fair, and you’ll find out most anything you want to know by reading the blog.

If you want a shortcut, this Ongoing History of Me is an approximately current narrative, complete with personal details I share with readers. Prefer nutshell descriptions? Sure, here’s one: I’m a submissive guy who happens to be a writer.

The blog as it exists now is certainly not the pure-fiction site I imagined,  but moving back toward that idea appeals to me. While I’ll continue to write in whatever mode I’m feeling, you’re likely to find more fiction and less of the ‘other stuff’ as time goes on.

Regardless, nearly all of my writing circles back to my obsessions: Dominant women, Female-led relationships, lifestyle D/s, BDSM,  submission, kinky sex, and all the cravings, heartache, and lust-crazed ramblings which are part and parcel of mi vida loca.

What the fuck is this?
This is a collection of fictions about people as imagined not as they are.
This is a collection of utterances, expletives, & high-octane imagery.
This is a collection of notes, of lust & love addressed to one, & no one.
To anyone who feels them.

This is why none of them are true.
This is why all of them are perfect
lies, why none of them could be
more true.

This is my dirtiest note.
This is my private world.
This is my most secret
secret, kept just
for you.

This is a labor of lust.
This is a labor of love.
This is my effort.
This is my bliss.

What this is not:
This is not for the moralists, the squares, and anyone else it’s not meant for.

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