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Non-serious content: video clips, memes, cartoons, surveys, etc, which may or may not relate to BDSM.

Answering the Absurd

If you were a sex toy, what kind of sex toy would you be?

A  question as  ridiculous as it is simple, yet some grapple with the answer. Who says you can’t have fun while remaining disoriented and confused in the face of an, apparently, meaningless existence? (more…)


Branded With Cold Steel

At some point, V wants the flesh just under the head of my cock pierced with a small-gauge ring. When she isn’t toying with me torturing me with the ring, it would be used to secure a small, weighted medallion engraved with her initials.

She refers to it as branding me without the use of hot iron. (more…)

Reading Is Fun-da-mental

More people would read if they had the proper seating arrangements.

in 2014, Pew Research  found approximately twenty-five percent of Americans hadn’t read a book in the past year. In fact, the number of non-book readers has tripled since 1978. Not only are there fewer readers, but, alarmingly (to those of us who write the stuff) fewer people are reading fiction than ever before!

Fear not, I have a solution. (more…)