Category: Moments

Memories or moments as a submissive either published as erotic images, reflective essays, or a blend of the two.

Mostly Harmless

I’ve met and befriended a Fledgling Domme local to me. Since moving, this is the first local D type I’ve engaged with.

She’s a nerdy, Type A, professional gal, who’s delightfully neurotic and wonderfully naive about all things BDSM. I enjoy hanging out with her. Mostly because we have zero chemistry outside the ‘friend zone.’

I met her a few weeks ago for lunch and today for a quick after-work bite.

She asked if I would attend a munch or event with her.

“That’s not a good idea.”



Arm Candy

Out on the town, she looked amused when I offered to pay for a round or pick up part of the check. The cool-yet-withering appraisal of the waiter for deferring to me after repeated and not-so-subtle signals I wasn’t calling the shots.

Elsewhere, over drinks, I brought up an upcoming meeting. Rummaging through her purse, she curtly reminded me to, “Just keep my mouth shut” without looking up. (more…)

Tribute Part III -Moments, Memories, and Ever After

This series of entries celebrates V and thinks through lessons learned and ways I matured while in service to her. However, tracking these developments has been a challenge as most lessons were subtle while growth occurred in ways I’ve yet to process. So it’s likely I’ll return to add moments and thoughts to one or all of these posts.

In this final installment, I’ll recount a few significant moments that helped define who V is to me and serve to illustrate why I value our connection.

The Winter Visit
I got a chance to spend three days with V in the dead-of-winter with Christmas about a week away. I’d give up a considerable chunk of flesh to get that kind of time with her again. If that’s meant to be, it will be some time from the present. But, the first thing I would say is she was always the one who traveled. (more…)