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Hyperbole and other moods where I play fast and loose with the facts for the sake of style and panache. Don’t get me started!

My Sissy Problem

Hi, my name is Polthus Xander, and I’m a recovering ass hat.

(All together now) Hi Polthus.

It’s been ten years since I was a complete asshat to a sissy. But I’m not here for a key chain or anything that celebrates my lack of asshat behavior. Because only a douche would want an award for not being a dick.  Instead, I came here this evening to speak to those who continue to struggle with asshattary.  To those of you still coming to grips with this complex , I just want to say, hey, man…you can do it. You’re better than this. But the–

Huh? Oh,…speak louder. Of course…

But the first step is always the hardest. First you need to acknowledge that your head is up – and I mean way up – inside your ass.

When I was a young man, close contact with sissies made my skin crawl. When one hung out or tried to get chummy, invariably, I’d be an intolerant, abusive prick. But it wasn’t until quite recently that I began thinking through what brought this behavior about and why it changed.

At the time, I only came into contact with sissies at nightclubs and the occasional private party. This was in the mid-eighties, when I made my bones with package runs to locations most of my ‘associates’ couldn’t stand – gay bars. Underage and hungry to get over, these clubs were an oasis. Why? Because unlike many of my other customers, patrons of gay bars never tried to rip me off or kill me. And it was gay clubs where fetish events were often held. (more…)


And Now – Four Years of Crazy


Unlike many of my socially liberal brethren, I wasn’t devastated when Trump was elected to be the forty-fifth president of the United States. However, it certainly came as a surprise. After all, I had formally endorsed the Clinton campaign back in June. How could she lose?

As it turns out, easily… (more…)