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Overthinking Pleasure and Pain

A former Domme once confessed she felt both guilty and aroused when she hurt me. It was early in our relationship, and her sadistic desires left her deeply conflicted. Before, during, and after sex, she’d shift between pangs of guilt and jolts of lust. Lucky for me, lust won out.

About six months later, I’d notice how she flexed her fingers while pacing a bit to hold some of her more destructive urges in check. Where she was once torn, those feelings of guilt were  ‘mostly’ gone. Hell, at that point, the mere idea of using me hard made her wet to the knees. (more…)


Going All In

Took Fledgling Domme out again on Friday night. It was a nice meal and some interesting conversation. A friendly ‘date’ that went well enough, but I’m going to avoid seeing her for a few weeks.

Why? Because she’s started to get the wrong idea… (more…)

Revving In Neutral

Sometimes I fall into a vicious cycle where I’m mentally and emotionally frustrated and cannot manage to channel that energy into productive avenues. In the old days, this would lead to drinking or drugs, but I don’t do that anymore. Instead, I try to go about my day, generally fail to complete mundane tasks, and end up feeling ‘stuck.’ This progresses into a cycle of mild depression, feelings of inertia, guilt over said inertia, and on and on it goes until something snaps me out of it.

It feels like I’m seated in a car stuck in neutral yet compelled to rev the engine until it screams. (more…)

Been There, Done That, More Please

It’s a hackneyed fantasy: a hot, dominant woman runs the office and the direct superior of a submissive guy. At some point, the guy fucks up and reports to be reprimanded. But instead of getting chewed out or fired, he receives a different kind of punishment.

In some versions of the story, the submissive is ‘the boss’ when the tables are turned. In others, he’s a model employee who’s blackmailed and enslaved. The list of variable seems endless endless, but this kind of narrative seems to be even more prevalent in a time when many folks toil in some kind of workplace more hours than they’re home.

But what if it happened in real life?

I suppose, depending on the circumstances, it might be hot, terrifying, or traumatizing. But I got to thinking about a more-realistic version of this on-the-job dynamic, and how it happened to me. (more…)