Older Stuff by Category

Older Content Archived by Category
To make specific types of content easier to find, this page has a link to each category and a brief description of the pieces archived there.

Topics of interest to the larger kink community, posts written about the kink community, or pieces by another author.

Erotic fiction primarily focused on Female dominance, male submission, and lifestyle BDSM.

-Fragments, Fiction, & Utterances-
Fiction that doesn’t feel self-contained, other pieces that aren’t quite poems, also aphorisms, images, and expletives.

-Funny or Fail-
Non-serious content: video clips, memes, cartoons, surveys, etc, which may or may not relate to BDSM.

Memories or moments as a submissive either published as erotic images, reflective essays, or a blend of the two.

Any entries about music or written for the ‘Write Slut’ collection.

-On Writing-
Entries on the process, craft, or problems of writing or its publication.

Any original poems published on the site.

What it says on the tin: topics that either relate to the general content but do not belong to a category or unrelated topics I felt like writing about.

Hyperbole and other moods where I play fast and loose with the facts for the sake of style and panache. Don’t get me started!

Nonfiction content: discussions on – musing about – or analysis of topics relevant to my amazing, smart, good-looking, and kinky readership.

-XxX Exegesis-
Analysis and discussion of pornography or erotic images until they’re no longer sexy to anyone else.