What She Values

That my Dominant values my slutty nature – instead of tolerating or attempting to shame me for it – makes me a very lucky boy!

The politics of polyamory, and how it works (or doesn’t) within the strictures of a D/s relationship is worth a few words. Those are forthcoming. (more…)


Listing the Ways

The BDSM Lifestyle meme machine that is the internet depicts Dommes as actively denying submissives orgasms ‘forever’ and taking great pleasure in ‘locking males up and throwing away the key.’ While this can be dismissed as merely a cartoonish fantasy surrounding mean women, there’s a grain of truth to the depiction, but, personally, I’ve found it to be more untrue than factual. For example, V  rips orgasms out of me quite often.

It’s just that I cum on her terms, not mine. (more…)

Life is Good

Life is good. It also happens to be kicking my ass.

This last month has been a whirlwind of events leading to a lot of work, deadlines, and some annoying realities of my trade. I’d give out details, but nobody reading would give half a fuck about them. Suffice to say, the aforementioned whirlwind has left little time to write dirty things for this site. (more…)