Life is Good

Life is good. It also happens to be kicking my ass.

This last month has been a whirlwind of events leading to a lot of work, deadlines, and some annoying realities of my trade. I’d give out details, but nobody reading would give half a fuck about them. Suffice to say, the aforementioned whirlwind has left little time to write dirty things for this site. (more…)


Waiting with Pleasure

A confession. When I’m made to wait for my Dominant – perhaps told to cool my heels at a table or instructed to sit in the car like a little bitch – compliance often comes with a sexual rush.

This might be just one more aspect of D/s dynamics that seems ‘crazy’ to vanilla folks, and I’m not sure if other submissives feel the same way. Regardless, I’m turned on by both the instruction and act of waiting for my Dominant as one more action of submissive obedience. Because that’s my mindset and approach, submissive obedience is exactly what the act of waiting is. (more…)

Not a Hiatus

I’ve been hacking away at several manuscripts in various stages of revision; two of them are novels in other genres, and one is an erotic novella. Erotica will be the first genre I’ve ever tried my hand at self publishing. While I’m ridiculously excited about publishing my smut on my terms, I’m keeping my expectations for sales low. (more…)

My Love-Hate Relationship with the Net

“We live in an age of many stimulations.
If you are focused, you are harder to reach.
If you are distracted, you are available.
You are distracted, you are available.” 

As someone who writes about kinky sex, there’s a lot to love about the internet. Moralizing gatekeepers once dictated what was proper to publish and where “dirty”  topics  could be displayed, but they no longer make the reader’s decisions for them. Furthermore, the barriers to entry for self-publication, have nearly evaporated. Right now, anyone with an internet connection can or tap out a scene and, potentially, deliver it to a massive audience in a matter of minutes.

However, as a writer – I’ve come to loathe some aspects of the net.

One reason is those who own and develop the largest and most-popular internet ecosystems are conditioning users to click more and think less.  (more…)