A Quick Reminder

We had twenty minutes to make our reservation, and V hates being late. So having just finished a shower, I toweled off, then stepped into the room to get dressed. Having pulled up my boxers and reaching for the slacks, her next words took me off guard.

“I want you naked,” she said, “for a few more minutes…”

I turned with a question on my face to find V seated on the divan, dressed, made-up, and wearing a mischievous grin. She looked beautiful, of course, yet the smile I returned was anxious. Because when V grins, it means she’s thought up something wicked to make me squirm, suffer, or both.

“You just need a quick reminder,” she said. “Something to keep you in the right head space while were out.”


“Come here, sweet boy,” V said, patting her leg to indicate I’d soon be across her lap. “This won’t take long.” (more…)


Declining to Play the Numbers Game

If you’re a submissive guy looking to start a relationship, and imagine yourself competing with legions of male subs for a the attention of a handful of Dommes, I have good news: submissive men are less common and more sought after than sources on the internet might lead you to believe.

The disparity in numbers between dominant women and submissive men is a popular topic on D/s forums. While there have been a few voices of dissent, the prevailing opinion is submissive males outnumber dominant females.

I believe the prevailing view to be incorrect. (more…)