Bad in the Blood

This song has always resonated with me. However, recent events have placed it top of mind. I’m not hypocritical enough to become self-righteous about someone’s choice to destroy themselves, and I refuse to feel culpable when they finally succeed.

Not that such sentiments makes waiting for their immolation any easier, especially when the flames are obvious and imminent. It still fucking hurts no matter how calloused my soul.

The same can be said for biting words in half after thousand were ignored.

this person is blood to me, and they used to be worth a damn. Ten years ago, a drama like this would have broke my heart enough to make me act. (…I may or may not have the bail bondsman on speed dial…) And fuck if I wasn’t close to making the mistake they’re hell-bent on embracing. What a waste…

But it’s no longer tragic.

The first few episodes were a tragedy, but they’re to fucking self aware for this to be anything more than a farce. And while I’ve matured enough to not to do something stupid out of ‘spite,’ my deliberate acts of sublimation hardly feel healthy.  Sick, healthy, or nuts – the bulk of today’s working hours found me hammering away on the keys of this here board.

Apparently, that runs in the family too…



Arm Candy

Out on the town, she looked amused when I offered to pay for a round or pick up part of the check. The cool-yet-withering appraisal of the waiter for deferring to me after repeated and not-so-subtle signals I wasn’t calling the shots.

Elsewhere, over drinks, I brought up an upcoming meeting. Rummaging through her purse, she curtly reminded me to, “Just keep my mouth shut” without looking up. (more…)

Good Example – Part 2

“There you are!”

Looking up from the table, Greg found Lydia stood at the kitchen entrance, hands on hips, and smirking at his obvious distress.

“Why on earth are you hiding in here?”

Thankfully, it was a question she had no real interest in hearing the answer to. Lydia knew exactly what kind of conflicted feelings churned inside him, how he was both aroused and nervous. She knew just how anxious he was and loved it. Bossing him around, humiliating him, hurting him, all of it turned her on. Of course, no one outside the home would ever guess how sadistic she was behind closed doors. (more…)

When Mediocrity is the Bar

Have you seen Wonder Woman yet? If not, don’t worry, this post doesn’t contain spoilers. However, potential viewers should know they’ll be sitting through, yet another, two-and-a-half-hour-long superhero flick with no surprises.

In fact, the choice to purchase an extra-large beverage might provide the only suspenseful moment of the evening. If I make a dash for the bathroom a the ninety-minute mark, will I miss anything? No, probably not.

That said – the fact this movie allows “everyone” to soak up a boilerplate narrative and the usual CGI battles makes this movie a success. Yes, I think that’s right: the sad truth is what makes Wonder Woman’s truly remarkable is mediocrity. (more…)