Stammer & Burn

Whiskey, profanity, and amphetamines drip, her
mouth to mine: splayed, bound – burning (more…)


On Perpetual Frustration & Denial

Perusing sites dedicated to female led relationships and male submission, I’ve noticed quite a few dedicated to Cuckoldry. It seems like the frustrated flavor of kink’s becoming more popular, but this observation’s purely anecdotal.

Of course, there’s a huge a number of variations on the dominant/cuckold relationship, but here’s a general overview:

The dominant female takes male lovers, but doesn’t have vaginal intercourse with her cuckold. (more…)

Lifestyle Power Exchange & Vulnerability

The more experience I gain with lifestyle BDSM, the more I crave it. The obsession, the lust, the intensity, the intimacy, the complicated and conflicted feelings: I want it all.

But the majority of those who engage in BDSM identify as ‘bedroom only.’ Given common perceptions and misconceptions as to how D/s relationships work, many people feel a lifestyle dynamic is just ‘too much.’ And that’s fine. I’ll not presume to prescribe actions for other people’s happiness. That said, I’ve found restricting D/s dynamics to the bedroom means cheating myself out of the most intense emotions and sensations. Those can only be experienced by living within the strictures of the dynamic on a day-to-day basis.

One major difference between ‘bedroom’ and ‘lifestyle’ BDSM is the level of vulnerability. (more…)

On Alpha Female Dominants & Compatability

Dominant, self-assured women are sexy. Add intelligence and kink to the mix, and I find them irresistible. Unsurprisingly, there are a number of forums on BDSM sites dedicated to ‘Alpha Females’. What is surprising are the number of people who operate under the assumption that Beta boys are the logical partners for Alpha women by default.

Perusing a couple of Alpha Female forums provided me with a few chuckles and some head-scratching moments. For example, a number of comments, by both male submissives and female dominants, imply only a ‘doormat sub’ can serve as worthy companions to an aggressive, dominant female.

Such a limited world view is tedious. (more…)