She Might Want to…

Horny is my usual condition, but the entire day had been one of craving and want. I was distracted and frustrated throughout the afternoon but got five hours worth or writing done just the same.

It was Friday, and we’d be spending the evening together. After a week with little contact or time together, I needed a few hours naked under her thumb. (more…)


On Perpetual Frustration & Denial

Perusing sites dedicated to female led relationships and male submission, I’ve noticed quite a few dedicated to Cuckoldry. It seems like the frustrated flavor of kink’s becoming more popular, but this observation’s purely anecdotal.

Of course, there’s a huge a number of variations on the dominant/cuckold relationship, but here’s a general overview:

The dominant female takes male lovers, but doesn’t have vaginal intercourse with her cuckold. (more…)

Lifestyle Power Exchange & Vulnerability

The more experience I gain with lifestyle BDSM, the more I crave it. The obsession, the lust, the intensity, the intimacy, the complicated and conflicted feelings: I want it all.

But the majority of those who engage in BDSM identify as ‘bedroom only.’ Given common perceptions and misconceptions as to how D/s relationships work, many people feel a lifestyle dynamic is just ‘too much.’ And that’s fine. I’ll not presume to prescribe actions for other people’s happiness. That said, I’ve found restricting D/s dynamics to the bedroom means cheating myself out of the most intense emotions and sensations. Those can only be experienced by living within the strictures of the dynamic on a day-to-day basis.

One major difference between ‘bedroom’ and ‘lifestyle’ BDSM is the level of vulnerability. (more…)