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Male submissives in Female Led Relationships and related BDSM relationship dynamics are often kept locked in chastity by their Domme as a means of control, erotic humiliation and orgasm denial.

Good Example – Part 2

“There you are!”

Looking up from the table, Greg found Lydia stood at the kitchen entrance, hands on hips, and smirking at his obvious distress.

“Why on earth are you hiding in here?”

Thankfully, it was a question she had no real interest in hearing the answer to. Lydia knew exactly what kind of conflicted feelings churned inside him, how he was both aroused and nervous. She knew just how anxious he was and loved it. Bossing him around, humiliating him, hurting him, all of it turned her on. Of course, no one outside the home would ever guess how sadistic she was behind closed doors. (more…)


Good Example – Part 1

~ Good Example ~
Part 1 of a short piece inspired by the work of Barbara O’Toole or “Barb”

The yard work left him sweaty, grimy, and aching, so the hot massage of a shower brought welcome relief. A short time later, Greg was settling in to read a novel when his phone vibrated. Grumbling, he tilted the screen, then bit his lip as he read the text from his wife.

“On the way home with Pat and a friend. Dress accordingly.”

That terse message spoke volumes. Lydia would be returning from church, a fifteen-minute drive. Rising to enter the kitchen, Greg glanced at the text a second time and nervous tension settled in to gnaw at him.

When Lydia had guests over, she expected refreshments to be available. But it wasn’t drinks and snacks that made him nervous – it was what she might have planned for amusement. (more…)

Strange Love

 How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cage

“When I own a boy, he’s kept in chastity,” she said. “My boy – my cock – and I control what’s mine.”

V made this statement after our talks became serious. It got my attention and inspired questions and a conversation about chastity. Her views on chastity and a myriad of other lifestyle-related issues were essential for me to be clear on prior to her actually collaring me. But chastity and V’s motivation for keeping a boy caged on a day-to-day basis was something which took me a while to get my head around. (more…)

On Perpetual Frustration & Denial

Perusing sites dedicated to female led relationships and male submission, I’ve noticed quite a few dedicated to Cuckoldry. It seems like the frustrated flavor of kink’s becoming more popular, but this observation’s purely anecdotal.

Of course, there’s a huge a number of variations on the dominant/cuckold relationship, but here’s a general overview:

The dominant female takes male lovers, but doesn’t have vaginal intercourse with her cuckold. (more…)