Tag: D/s Dynamics

Rules, personality traits, common problems, and pleasures of the the asymmetrical power dynamics that make up a relationship based on Dominance and submission which operates within explicit strictures.

Going All In

Took Fledgling Domme out again on Friday night. It was a nice meal and some interesting conversation. A friendly ‘date’ that went well enough, but I’m going to avoid seeing her for a few weeks.

Why? Because she’s started to get the wrong idea… (more…)


Mostly Harmless

I’ve met and befriended a Fledgling Domme local to me. Since moving, this is the first local D type I’ve engaged with.

She’s a nerdy, Type A, professional gal, who’s delightfully neurotic and wonderfully naive about all things BDSM. I enjoy hanging out with her. Mostly because we have zero chemistry outside the ‘friend zone.’

I met her a few weeks ago for lunch and today for a quick after-work bite.

She asked if I would attend a munch or event with her.

“That’s not a good idea.”


Arm Candy

Out on the town, she looked amused when I offered to pay for a round or pick up part of the check. The cool-yet-withering appraisal of the waiter for deferring to me after repeated and not-so-subtle signals I wasn’t calling the shots.

Elsewhere, over drinks, I brought up an upcoming meeting. Rummaging through her purse, she curtly reminded me to, “Just keep my mouth shut” without looking up. (more…)

Been There, Done That, More Please

It’s a hackneyed fantasy: a hot, dominant woman runs the office and the direct superior of a submissive guy. At some point, the guy fucks up and reports to be reprimanded. But instead of getting chewed out or fired, he receives a different kind of punishment.

In some versions of the story, the submissive is ‘the boss’ when the tables are turned. In others, he’s a model employee who’s blackmailed and enslaved. The list of variable seems endless endless, but this kind of narrative seems to be even more prevalent in a time when many folks toil in some kind of workplace more hours than they’re home.

But what if it happened in real life?

I suppose, depending on the circumstances, it might be hot, terrifying, or traumatizing. But I got to thinking about a more-realistic version of this on-the-job dynamic, and how it happened to me. (more…)