Tag: Mindful Submission

Remaining mindful as a submissive male in a female led relationship is essential as the roles each partner takes on run against the accepted narrative of relationships in any culture. Entries tagged with this term are more likely to be non-fiction and self reflective in nature.

Going All In

Took Fledgling Domme out again on Friday night. It was a nice meal and some interesting conversation. A friendly ‘date’ that went well enough, but I’m going to avoid seeing her for a few weeks.

Why? Because she’s started to get the wrong idea… (more…)


On Obedience and Submission

What’s Not to Love? – (2) – Obedience

Being an Obedient Boy:
Submission and obedience are synonyms. But submission can feel like a game until compelled to submit to instructions you intensely dislike. I don’t mean something trivial, like being sent back for the third time to select yet another shirt, or re-blacking boots when they already shine. No, I mean willfully obeying both the letter and spirit of her law.

For example, say you’ve promised to disclose all of your thoughts and feelings. But then you find yourself struggling with several which might cause your Dominant to be displeased. In fact, once you tell her, she might be hurt or angry.

This brings up a question:

If she’ll never know what you don’t disclose, why would you tell her?


What’s Not to Love?

Being Put in My Place:
I do my best to be well-mannered and well-behaved, but I’m only human. Sometimes I’ll take the wrong tone or might be a smart ass when the occasion doesn’t suit. (For the record, being a sarcastic smartass is my default mode with almost everyone besides my Domme with few exceptions.) So when my behavior or attitude’s clearly out of line, I appreciate and thrive under abrupt reminders of my position. (more…)