Tag: Mindful Submission

Remaining mindful as a submissive male in a female led relationship is essential as the roles each partner takes on run against the accepted narrative of relationships in any culture. Entries tagged with this term are more likely to be non-fiction and self reflective in nature.

Fantasy Vs. Reality

Always sore – your cock will be pierced and caged, your hole plugged and stretched, and both will always be slightly sore. Your body will be shaved and waxed, and the day collar will only be removed on rare occasions. More often than not, your flesh will be welted and marked. After a while, you won’t be able to remember what it was like to live any other way.

Readers of this blog already know I’m a greedy slut. That I self-identify as such is right up there in the tagline, but the proofs in the prose.

Well – that’s not true. Actually, the proofs in my thoughts and actions, so you kind of have to take my word for it. Any doubters out there? Didn’t think so. (more…)


Waiting with Pleasure

A confession. When I’m made to wait for my Dominant – perhaps told to cool my heels at a table or instructed to sit in the car like a little bitch – compliance often comes with a sexual rush.

This might be just one more aspect of D/s dynamics that seems ‘crazy’ to vanilla folks, and I’m not sure if other submissives feel the same way. Regardless, I’m turned on by both the instruction and act of waiting for my Dominant as one more action of submissive obedience. Because that’s my mindset and approach, submissive obedience is exactly what the act of waiting is. (more…)

Humiliation Without Shame


Make (someone) feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity and self-respect, especially publicly.

When I first became involved in BDSM, the concept of erotic humiliation was repugnant. The idea of someone addressing me in such a way that I felt shame had no appeal. It still doesn’t. For example, the idea of anyone, be they my Dominant or a stranger, saying or doing things to make me feel unnecessarily shamed or foolish doesn’t turn me on, it makes me angry.

So then how to explain the fact I get turned on and feel pride when V calls me ‘boy?’ (more…)